Stephen A. torches Max for saying Durant is not a top 5 NBA player | First Take

Stephen A. torches Max for saying Durant is not a top 5 NBA player | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman get into a heated debate about the top 5 NBA players right now and why Max says that Kevin Durant barely makes the cut.

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98 Responses

  1. Jourdan Clark says:

    1. Lebron
    2. Curry
    3. Durant
    4. Greek Freak
    5. AD

  2. Remarkable SeiF says:

    So KD is averaging 4 more points 3 more assists and shoots better from the field.. And also holds his opponents to a lower FG%. Just sayin.

    • Rizzy says:

      +Big Dong James Big part my ass. I’m a Raps fan and proud of the team but they only won like 5 without Kawhi so that’s not a big part. Smh.

    • Trust The Process says:

      wabi sabi 2016 WCSF Durant outplayed him when it counted

    • Kyle Seppala says:

      Remarkable SeiF the Warriors are built around Currys game so every opposing defensive game plan against the Warriors is built around disrupting Currys game.. KD should be able to put up better numbers than Curry considering he’s currently facing far less defensive pressure on a nightly basis than Curry (or any other franchise player)

    • Mektek19 says:

      +wabi sabi Well the Raptors have only lost one game without Kawhi in the line-up. They looked like they didn’t even need him early on. He has been great of late, but lets not give him too much credit for a great Toronto team.

    • Mektek19 says:

      +wabi sabi Yeah to be frank, KD was playing with Klay, old Iggy, old Livingston, and D leaguers. Literally Lee, Cook, and Mckinnie were all D leaguers last season. Then you have 3rd stringers Looney ,Jones, Jerebko, and Bell. People act like this is the same GS from last year. They lost a lot of solid depth with the departure of Zaza, West, Swaggy P, and McGee. They ran a rotation of 12 last year. Now they can only get good consistent minutes from Cook coming off the bench.

  3. Chico Wright says:

    Didn’t KD just put 51 on Kawhi though

  4. hozeyy says:

    Bruh imagine the numbers KD would put if he was in the pelicans

    • Elite Sick says:

      KD needs 4 stars and 3 refs to beat Lebron in reality lebron needs the stars to beat kd, member miami he was loaded also kd but his stars weren’t seasoned as lebrons stars see what happens when the tables turn bitch, also dont come at me with the he joined an established team, lebron could have done everytime he decide his fa but he loved the spotlight around him, KD was bigger better smarter person cause in anyway you try to view it will end like this, in the past 9 finals game KD HAS DOMINATED LEBRON, and he has done his work and it has paid dividends demonstrated by the 2 mvps. I knew this would happen and you just expected that he would fall flat on his ass like lebron first heat year

    • Josh Smith says:

      Not the Numbers AD is putting up

    • Big Mon says:

      Actually KD has a 30.3% usage rate and AD has a 29.9%

    • Andrew Blackop says:

      nmb Memphis beast24 He averaged 32/7/6 on 54 TS% in 2014 and won MVP by a landslide. When did AD ever do that?

    • Phil Bosh says:

      +Elite Sick facts

  5. Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP says:

    *Inside of Max’s head* – Bait was taken with astounding success

  6. Maleik Bennett says:

    Do a drug test on max plz😑

  7. Tim Mathias says:

    Max won’t be on this show much longer

  8. BOB MASTER says:

    1. Lebron 2. Curry 3. Kd. 4. Kawhi 5. AD 6. Giannis

    • Russell Westbrook says:

      You’re high

    • Marc Urbaez says:

      1. KD 2. Lebron 3. Kawhi 4. Curry 5. Giannis only because he stay healthy and is winning with a good team around him 6. AD because that team is filled with bums, put any of those players I named before in that team tell me they wouldn’t have crazier numbers

    • Tatara says:

      +Marc Urbaez Kawhi and KD doesn’t have the impact steph curry has on the game and also Mr sit for year Kawhi still has to play full season he doesn’t even play back to back games he’ not ahead of kd and curry.

    • Marc Urbaez says:

      Tatara you’re sleeping on the fact that kd and kawhi are the top two way players in the league I know curry has a huge impact on the game but he will never be half the defenders they are. Basketball isn’t only about impact, and he has that impact because of the warriors system not only because he’s great.

    • Michael Mayers says:

      Curry not top 5

  9. Stephan Omen says:

    Yo get Shannon Sharpe and SAS their own show.

  10. Jo Turner says:

    Max hit tha WEED this morning 😗💨😂😂😂

  11. Jack Liu says:

    Lol. Max is whack.
    Top 5 in no particular order:
    LeBron, KD, Curry, Kawhi, AD

  12. Rollie Raydden says:

    Max is just stupid.. Plain & simple.. He said Giannis has a better record and got better numbers than KD despite playing on a worst team.. But this moron is ignoring something they call player usage.. These guys (AD,Giannis) are the only superstars on their team.. So they are the #1 option.. Of course they will have more opportunities.. KD has the share the ball with 2 guys, a flat out Superstar in Steph who is the greatest shooter ever and he is balling & a star in Klay.. Still, he is averaging damn near 30.. Look when Steph was out.. He was averaging 40+pts.. Oh BTW KD is a 27ppg FOR HIS CAREER.. What has Kawhi done over his career individually that put him ahead of KD ?? AD ?? Giannis ?? GTFOH

    • Emanuel says:

      So fucking what , he decided to play second fiddle with his soft ass . Top 3 talent but not a top 5 player . This nigga went to a 73 and 9 team . What are we talking about niggas in this generation getting way beyond soft . Niggas pussy .

    • phillyrick says:

      +Emanuel that has nothing to do with his level of talent. Leave your personal feelings out of it.

      Lebron went to a team with 5 all stars, the all time three point shooter with ray allen, the most dominant big man in the league with bosh, a 2 time finals mvp in wade. And 6 hall of famers. It amazes me how people hate on KD for going to that team but lebron puts together a stacked team in miami and is called the goat. The hypocrisy has to stop.

    • Luis V Cabrera says:

      Stop it! As a Spurs fan, my team has gotten significantly worse ever since Kawhi left! The impact he brought to the team was leaps and bounds bigger than you’re giving him credit for

    • Noble Six says:

      +phillyrick where were the heat before Le Bron got there???? Where are they after? Exactly

    • RhinoGore38 says:

      Also the whole AD is shooting better from 3 than KD, AD is shooting 35-36%, KD is shooting 34-35%. 1 PERCENT WTF
      Also KD is shooting 2 more threes per game than AD and making 1.5 more

  13. Darryle G says:

    Can somebody Drug test Max please is he serious 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. WarriorsFan739 says:

    Steph Curry’s name wasn’t even mentioned while he’s currently averaging 30 ppg on 50/50/90 shooting smh the disrespect

    • Mason Kwok says:

      dope fresh u do know he averages 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game right…… (career). And Paul George also is considered a good defender cuz he leads in steals soooo…… And to your point Curry’s fg percentage against him is actually lower than fg percentage against Westbrook

    • Mason Kwok says:

      dope fresh when u name other top point guards idek if any of them have the offensive resume of curry nor do they defend all that much better. Look up the stats bro if u actually check it, defensively, Westbrook, Lillard, Kyrie, Harden… their defensive numbers are very close to Steph’s.

    • WarDell says:

      dope fresh cherry picking for steals? What the fuck does that even mean? how can you lead the league in steals if you’re cherry picking?

      Dude is 6”3 and plays decent defence while his offence is 2nd to none. The gravity he creates is just something different, can shoot from anywhere and also creates open shots for his teammates (unlike durant.) This is all evident when curry is absent, but people like you are clearly casuals and just will never understand the game. Can’t even call you a fan of the sport , you watch it blindly

    • Michael Mayers says:

      Curry to small

    • WarDell says:

      dope fresh and to say steals have almost no effect to the game tells me you’re a badminton fan where there are no steals , because in basketball there’s such thing as points off turnovers which can often determine the winner of a match , just stfu 🤦‍♂️

  15. Lawis Clems says:

    I can’t take Max serious after that 😂😂 what is he talking about

  16. Jackson Liang says:

    Dont be stupid,it’s all staged. They have to do this to make it entertaining. We all know Max is not even serious.

  17. the real Reginald Smith says:

    Max mad because KD called him and the rest of them fanboy groupies

    • the real Reginald Smith says:

      +Ankit Patel You’re delusional he never attacked LeBron

    • Cadillac Kadafi says:

      the real Reginald Smith EXACTLY! BRONSEXUAL DICK RIDERS!

    • Ankit Patel says:

      the real Reginald Smith It’s clearly a jab at LeBron he just covered it with the but it’s really the media’s fault line that every athlete uses

    • Tyrus Lewis says:

      Kd is the second best player in the nba

    • phillyrick says:

      +Ankit Patel no it wasnt a jab at lebron. It was a jab at the fanboys and the media. And hes right. I follow espn on Instagram. They uploaded a highlight of lebron missing a dunk. I remember when tatum served up that nasty facial dunk on lebron. At the first deadball whistle, instead of showing an instant replay of what just happened, they showed a highlight of an insignificant blocking foul AWAY from the ball. Smh. The commentators actually had to call them out for trying to avoid showing lebron getting dunked on. And anyone who watched that game knows im telling the truth.

  18. Jie Zhang says:

    I’m a Warriors’ fan, this is my list:
    1. LBJ
    2. Curry
    3. KD
    4. Kawhi
    5. AD

  19. TheDarkAntares says:

    Kevin Durant is a transcendent offensive player and will go down in history as that. Kawhi and giannis will never be a transcendent anything. Great players yes but that’s it.

  20. Kelly Wakasa says:

    Stephen A tired of hearing all this BLASPHEMY. Max stay offff daaaaaa weeeeeed

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