Stephen Curry Ejected – Warriors vs Cavaliers G6 – Jun 16, 2016 – 2016 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry Ejected – Warriors vs Cavaliers G6 – Jun 16, 2016 – 2016 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry draws his sixth foul and is ejected after receiving a technical foul
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20 Responses

  1. dark zaku says:

    NBA is rigged everyone knows it now

  2. JMA Animation says:

    I don’t watch the NBA, but they couldn’t pass up this chance. They needed
    to call this foul if they wanted to guarantee a game 7. It’s all about

  3. Harness Gaming says:

    I hate the Warriors but I’m sorry this is garbage

  4. jbgrooves says:

    Love it when overpaid “pro” players throw tantrums and act like a fool.

  5. Danny Puran says:

    I would have stolen that mouthpiece and sold it on eBay for thousands of

  6. Miniman 6787 says:


  7. Cryo MONEYGOD says:

    Damn i should have watch this game

  8. Nicholas Lyles says:

    bs call

  9. Jacob Straut says:

    Truly the hypocrisy of cavs fans is the failure to acknowledge how much
    lebron flops and whines to the ref about every foul but get mad at green
    for doing it.

  10. Greatest Ever says:

    still my favorite player

  11. Dede Fern says:

    wow that was not a foul and f**k the cavs lebron u r a cry baby and flopper

  12. Brandon195718201 says:

    Shit like this happens all the time. It’s what we get with humans judging
    shit. They finna make mistakes. I used to be like “oh, NBA is rigged” and
    all that shit, but the argument is stupid. Calls go both ways. Especially
    in this series. Bad calls for both teams. I just hate it when people use
    that dumb ass excuse until it’s their favorite team that wins. Then it’s
    “ah nah, it was skill brah”. Dumb.

  13. Risslight says:

    Watched on site, ref is shit, but he definitely didnt favor either side

  14. Derek Chan says:

    The nba calls too many fouls nowadays. Not just this but in general for all

  15. Mike Chambers says:

    All these bandwagoners crying when they shouldn’t even be in the finals

  16. miriam kennedy says:

    Gooo warriors!! fuck you Bron-Bron ?

  17. haji yusuf says:

    come on guys

  18. mike jr says:

    Fuck Steph curry

  19. Brandon Martin says:

    they’re fining him too

  20. Mark Lo says:

    I want David Stern back fuck Adam Silver