Stephen Sends His Warmest Regards To The Midwest

Stephen Sends His Warmest Regards To The Midwest

Stephen Colbert is sending you warm thoughts, the Midwest.

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103 Responses

  1. KarinaGahan says:

    Michigander here and we are freezing

    • You're Not Forgotten says:

      +KarinaGahan Awesome. Wolverines fan here as well. First ever trip to Ann Arbor last season. Didn’t want to leave Michigan. And yes its flat on the east side of the Missouri river/badlands and the Black Hills on the west side. Dry over there and relatively moist on the east side. Have a great day and Go Big Blue!

    • Patrick says:

      Where a jacket.

    • Talya Elizabeth Ervin - Williams says:

      Sending best wishes for a quick end to the PV for Michigan and other affected states. I am in Arizona where it was 62 F yesterday and I was complaining (I am here from Puerto Rico ). I won’t complain again!
      Stay safe and warm.

    • Lucas Auditore da firenze says:

      It’s fucken hot here in Aus

    • victor salazar says:

      I’m from Chicago…but girl Michigan ain’t no joke… it’s way colder than here in the Southside of the Chi…. stay warm babe…

  2. Adam Stark says:

    Breaking News: The FBI just raided President Trump’s personal library. All 3 books were seized. The president is absolutely furious because….

    …he hadn’t finished coloring them yet

  3. Jazzy Jeff says:

    I live in northwest suburbs of Chicago, work in the city, we got two days off. It’s -23 degrees here with -20 windchill. Thanks for thinking about us Stephen! ??

  4. Mary Lou Johnson says:

    Minnesota: -50 windchill…67 below in Alexandria… Polar Vortex…Wowwwwwww

  5. $mittyd says:

    Trump is such a stable genius that he already solved global waming.

  6. LadyCeag840 says:

    …..Did the Chicago train operators *really* set fire to their own train tracks?

    • Hazukichan X says:

      I thought we’d have another decade or so before real life started to resemble Frostpunk that much.
      For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a video game where you manage a settlement built around a giant heat generator after a cataclysmic blizzard envelops the world.
      It starts off cold, then it gets colder, and colder, and colder, and colder… and if you’re lucky, the storm breaks before everybody dies!

      So yeah, climate change. Not something we want happening! Can we all agree on that?^^;

    • Stout Shako says:

      +Samuel Sotunde As a railcar mechanic, this was really funny to me. I’m sorry for laughing because I’m sure I’d sound just as stupid if I was asking about brain surgery, but no. It doesn’t work like that — in this case at least.

    • jz says:

      Of course not. He said Pyro Billy did it. Pay attention!

    • Brown Pride773 says:


    • randy bowen says:

      Alex Stahl you are the farthest from Correct.
      The shot shown was of a track switch, the fire was set to prevent ice buildup so that the switch could still function and trains could be put on tracks they needed to be on.
      It’s common practice but news outlets are reporting it to try to drive the point in about how cold it is.

  7. Sly K says:

    I live in Chicago, this is fun, not really because I know what happens next, PIPES BURSTING!

  8. Heidi Myers says:

    Corporate greed and ignorance has destroyed our climate!!!

  9. Oh! says:

    You could send Trump in the middle of the wind chill and he’d still say global warming isn’t real….. I say let’s do it.
    Send him out there… leave him there for a few minutes…or hours.

  10. George Mauricio says:

    *M.A.G.A Morons Are Governing America*

  11. Matt K says:

    Was that accent really Chicago? It sounded more North Dakota mixed with Minnesota. ?

  12. Phoenix Uprising says:

    I didn’t know Ned Flanders took over the Late Show.

  13. George Lewis says:

    *Trump he doesn’t Care about Climate Change*

    • kimberly s says:

      He doesn’t care if his grand children get lung cancer just from breathing the air.
      Because $$$$!!
      Trump is a thoughtless pig.

    • Lee Ara says:

      He just doesn’t understand it. I bet he’s the type of person who’d say “Global warming?? Why is it so cold then??!”. Bet he actually already said something stupid like this.

    • Bjarke Stemann says:

      +Lee Ara Yes, he did. He sent out a tweet asking for more global warming – very funny man

    • Lee Ara says:

      +Bjarke Stemann oh wow, what a moroooon.

  14. Francisco Cisneros says:

    Hello from Chicago, I have to be honest it wasn’t even really that cold today…. I’ve been wearing an under shirt, four sweat pants, two sweatshirts, two jackets, 2 vests, an overcoat, a cape and I’m only a little cold!

    • Paul Burley says:

      +melanie chartrand This is NOT normal weather in Canada unless you live in the FAR north. I’m in southern Ontario and have NEVER felt that kind of cold!!

    • J R says:

      +411Adidas FYI burning garbage releases dioxin. Look it up Einstein.

    • Wayne Black says:

      In Arizona right now, it’s a chilling 48º.
      I had to put on a flannel shirt 🙁

    • Leslie Roycroft says:

      Kasper Kleine Tank the low was around -25° F but the windchill had us to around -54°F. They also call that the “feels like” temp. I kept thinking what the hell does -54° “feel like”??? Lol To me it feels like staying inside under my covers. I’m 8mo pregnant and I’m not stepping foot out there!

    • bchlovr says:

      Infinite Black Cat No, we’d like to return it please.

  15. I suck at Gaming says:

    “Huuuuu… No scientist are lying… The cold problem of Chicago is that people let their fridge open” But what about climate change Mr President ? ” Climate change? What about it…? i want good climate, great climate, and we will have great climate.”
    Good time to be alive… Isn’t it..

  16. Ray Finkle says:

    I would like to say Im in Fort McMurray, Alberta – the weather here was -41°C with the wind chill. Fun fact Ferenheit and Celsius match at -40°

  17. HAMILTRON9000 says:

    Through most of Wisconsin we don’t get snow in November and December anymore. winter has been pushed back the last couple of years. Last winter, we went most of 2017 without much snow and fairly warm weather, come April 2018 and we get 5 feet of snow overnight. Parked cars were buried in snow…in APRIL. We had no snow this past winter until late December-early January. We are getting 3 days of cold as balls and that disproves global warming/climate change? Don, our weather is weird now because of Climate Change.

    • Mister Phantome says:

      Hi from Austria…Where this year we had around two weeks of snow (5 cm tops) this winter. That is more than the last 5 years combined….we haven’t had a white christmas since 8 years. Companies are so confident there isn’t one, Pearl Optiker (glasses seller) gives everyone all of their money back from purchases if it snows on christmas eve….it never happens. We believe in climate change although it snows a BIT this year…..

    • Justin Gould says:

      Australia here. While you guys have been freezing your butts off, we’ve been regularly hitting 45 degrees Celcius (about 115F). Even at night, we had a couple of weeks that didn’t drop below 32C (about 90F)

    • bacorable says:

      I live in halifax, nova scotia, canada. yesterday it was +35f or 2 celsius. we’re in trouble lol.

    • glammer says:

      Same in Scotland. Almost Feb and still no snow in the east, one fall in the west, while cold winds now linger into June. Natural cycles do not happen so fast that they’re this visibly obvious.

    • Judy says:

      Thank you

  18. James Thomas says:

    The arctic vortex is a gift from Canada to Trump for its tariffs. Wait till you get Mexico’s next summer.

    • viddork says:

      Yeah, well, considering how much of that purple was north of the border, I’m not sure that was one of our better schemes.

    • JimNS says:

      Atlantic Canada is warm in comparison

    • IceFox28 says:

      I’ve already been seeing hurricanes come up against Mexico…what is next.

    • Martin Rayner says:

      +viddork No kidding. Yesterday at this time it was -60F (-76F with the wind-chill) here in Winnipeg yesterday. This morning, it’s a balmy -26F (-44F with the wind-chill). Putting it in Fahrenheit for our our American friends, although when it gets to a certain point there’s not a lot difference in the numbers.

    • Janelle Godin says:

      +Martin Rayner you’re right, this morning was nice here in Winnipeg. My crazy kids decided to play outside before school.

  19. George Abraham says:

    That’s not a Portillo’s roast beef. It’s not dipped in gravy.

    • An Evolving Ape says:

      I’ve eaten at Portillo’s in Chicago. I never heard anyone calling it “gravy”? I was calling it “juice”. Gravy to me is something that is thickened with flour.

    • RudytheDominator says:

      1. Italian beef.
      2. It’s dipped in juice
      3. Now I’m hungry.

    • Nick Starkey says:

      Au jus can also be referred to as gravy, but everyone just calls it juice.

      Also, Portillo’s fuckin sucks. You can get a better Italian beef from just about any pizza place or Mom & Pop sandwich place.

    • kateofthecity says:

      And it doesn’t look like someone sat on it…

    • Sammie1053 says:

      Huge fan of Portillo’s hot dogs but my entire family agrees their beef sandwiches are a ripoff. Some time in the last 10 years they decided that it’s still technically an “Italian beef sandwich” if it only has one slice of beef in it.

  20. Craytos McFarfegnewton says:

    Hopefully things change now that hell has frozen over.

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