Stephen: ‘This Is What’s Wrong With The American President’

Stephen: ‘This Is What’s Wrong With The American President’

Stephen’s monologue begins with a look at the President’s shocking and vicious Twitter cyberbullying of Mika Brzezinski.

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20 Responses

  1. Salim Al-Sinawi says:

    Trump doesn’t act like a president, I don’t know how other leaders take him seriously lmao

  2. zach miller says:

    We have seen him touching his daughter inappropriately, he makes her sit in his lap. He had accepted on camera that he is sexually attracted to her. He thinks its okay to grab a woman by the pussy. He had bragged about walking in on naked beauty pageant contestants. The bar has gone lowest of the low long ago for Donald but problem is Republicans still worship him and trumptards praise him as their Lord.

  3. Keiji3G says:

    I love John’s cackling laugh in the background

  4. Shriya Sriram says:

    How is this retarded orangutan The President?

  5. jagrup hundal says:

    He is mentally ill and has dementia. Simple

  6. Arya Stark says:

    Easier to count what’s not wrong with the president. Same for all kinds of metrics

  7. Sophia N says:

    He is a white man in America I’m not surprised about how he speaks… do you guys know your history at all?

    Like Stephen said “let’s stop pretending” BUT I do think Trump is the symptom of a misogynistic racist society that praises white men no matter what they do. He isn’t the cause, he is the shining example of America

  8. Get Rekt says:

    Trump has the mental capacity of a child. He can’t take any form of criticism, so instead has to lash out with personal insults. I’ve already seen Trump supporters say that Trump is the real victim here, because people are being too mean to him, and he was fed up with it. Ironic how they basically treat him like a child without even knowing it, and then get mad when we say that he acts like a child.

  9. Why you gotta go there says:

    Trump has done wrong even before he was president, but he is the kind of person that will never admit when he was wrong even if it means destroying the lives of others.

    Remember The Central Park Five? The five men were convicted as teenagers after implicating each other under intense questioning over a brutal sexual assault on a jogger that dominated the tabloids. Defenders said they were coerced into confessing. When this happened Trump spent $85,000 placing full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City, calling for the return of the death penalty.
    “Muggers and murderers, should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.”

    All five were later cleared by DNA evidence and a separate confession in 2002 from another criminal who took credit for the assault. What did Trump say in October 2016? That they are still guilty and should be punished.

    This is a man that would let 5 proven innocent people die before he would admit a single mistake. This is a dangerous shitty human being. Who with proven bad judgement like this has also said “Take out their families” And millions of Americans put him in power because he hates the same people they do.

  10. San-Go says:

    America elected an ugly creepy clown as president. Total desaster. SAD!

  11. Dylan Hale says:

    How someone can still support him?

  12. I AM GROOT!!!!! says:

    Trump has degraded the Oval Office and Presidency smh Everything that is happening will literally go down in the history books for our future kids to read😒The perfect ending to this story will be if he loses the election in 2020. At this point, I’ll vote for ANYBODY that runs against him. Even if it’s my Ex Girlfriend lol😂🤣………..I miss Obama😔

  13. Mac Dre says:

    We have a mentally ill person running the country

  14. J A says:

    I don’t think Donald Trump is the disease, Stephen. I think the disease is a group of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic deplorables that are mad at the world for moving past them and are using Orange Donny as their mascot.

  15. martinaee says:

    I have to disagree with Colbert… Trump definitely is a symptom of a political system in the USA which is so messed up it’s shameful. Legal bribery, lobbying, partisan siding on EVERY issue, a media that thrives on drama instead of helping the nation, and solely greedy old men that have no interest (for the most part) in actually helping the actual citizens of the USA. Instead those men are more focused on their “legacies” and experimenting with their fucked up Ayn Rand style ideologies.

    Sure Trump is absolutely the dumb scum of the earth, but in almost any other situation and time in the past he wouldn’t have been able to become the leader of the USA. Social media definitely isn’t doing any favors to those who play nice.

    Trump and these ultra right-wing demagogues have got to go, but don’t be fooled into thinking the current Democratic party is a bed of roses. One thing Trump ironically IS right about (but will obviously do nothing to fix and actually is making worse) is that Washington is a swamp of establishment politics. We need more people like Sanders who seemingly aren’t deeply corrupted by fiance institutions and other special interests and have the people of the United States as the foremost priority.

  16. Member Berry says:

    Impeachment 2017
    It’s been hilarious but I’m done

  17. Michael Heremaia says:

    What did you think was gonna happen when you voted for this idiot? seriously..
    He’s basically an orange Kanye West that can’t rap

  18. roseslikemusic says:

    Impeach him for crying out loud! If you want your country to still have at least some support abroad then you need to get rid of this asshole.

  19. BdR76 says:

    5:00 the Trump administration is like that Twilight Zone episode with a monster on the wing of a plane, sabotaging the engines while the flight crew pretend that everything is normal.

  20. mark lee says:

    Every American should realize that we are on trial today and
    we will certainly be condemned by the Court of History for the actions and
    words of the lunatic that has assumed the reins of power in our nation. If we
    sit idly by and witness the destruction of our country by a megalomaniac and
    his neo-nazi cronies, as the Germans did in 1933, how will we deny our guilt?
    The German people of that generation have been judged by history and were found
    complicit in the crimes of Hitler and his henchmen. And, although the world at
    large bears no lasting malice towards the German people, still they carry the
    eternal guilt and shame for the crimes against humanity committed in their
    name. Shall Americans of today face a similar fate? Past generations of
    Americans have been judged as contemptable by history for the destruction of
    Native Americans and their culture, the enslavement of African-Americans, and
    the internment of Japanese-Americans. And, all Americans today must bear the
    eternal guilt and shame for their crimes against humanity. But, can we ever be
    forgiven for sitting idle while the very foundations of American Democracy are
    under siege by a group of maniacal racists parading as patriots hell-bent on
    destroying the United States of America? Is this the legacy we wish to leave
    behind? I say NO! This cannot stand! We must rise above these goose stepping
    white supremacists and take our nation back and we must start today! We dare
    not delay for if we do we will doom our children to lives of servitude and
    persecution, without hope of relief. Rise up and resist! And for the sake of
    our children, and for our children’s children, do not let this moment pass
    while you remain passive and silent. For if you do we  will all surely be condemned.

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