Stephen’s LIVE Monologue: Trump Lays Out His Vision For Moving Forward

Stephen’s LIVE Monologue: Trump Lays Out His Vision For Moving Forward

Stephen kicks off his live Late Show episode with reactions to the President’s speech to the joint houses of Congress.

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20 Responses

  1. Rutin Panchal says:

    Stephens favorite hobby: roasting trump

  2. Get Rekt says:

    Here are some common comments I see from Trump supporters in response to any criticism of Trump:
    “Lol just a salty libtard who can’t get over the election”
    “Trump’s president, get over it”
    “Haha Hillary lost”
    “Libtard cuck”
    “Lol whiny liberal”

    It’s like they think that since Trump is president, he shouldn’t be criticized at all, and anyone who does criticize him is just salty over the election and a ‘libtard cuck’. They do this no matter how much evidence there is against him. But remember that these are the same people who claim they are against safe spaces and labeling anyone who disagrees with you.

  3. Archer Sterling says:

    Trumps vision for America can be seen in the movie Idiocracy.

  4. keen says:

    Thank you for not uploading in sections. 😀

  5. boleynns says:

    My favorite part of the address was when people laughed at his “We’re draining the swamp” line.

  6. YF Zhang says:

    I listened to Trump 90 minutes blind promises such as healthcare, infrastructure, military investment & etc, while he would cut taxes for everyone and corporations. I was like, where the fucking is your gov getting the money?

  7. Why you gotta go there says:

    Have said said it before, and will say it again I just find trump supporters funny, and sad at this point. The same people who go around viewing everyone else as a monolith are one themselves. Have you ever seen a trump supporter actually counter any of the points made by Stewart, Seth, Oliver, Stephen and so on? Or is it not always one of these

    “LOL Libtard tears”
    “LOL Cucks”
    “LOL you get your news from comedy shows that’s why you are stupid”
    “LOL Propaganda/fake news”
    “LOL We won you lost(because that is all that life is to them. Just what’s on surface level)”

    Let me know if you Honestly have ever seen anything different from them, because I haven’t. It’s not hard to get used to the hypocrisy of trump supporters though. These are the same people that give daily blowjobs to a man-child that has said “When you take out these terrorists you also have to take out their families” while saying they need a wall between them and Mexicans, and a Ban on Muslims to protect their amazing values.

  8. virgen fj says:

    Paul Ryan has a very punchable face!!!!!!

  9. Kamila M. says:

    Paul Ryan clapped like a little bitch. I thought he didn’t like Trump now they are buddies ? ???

  10. Guardiansaiyan says:


    …help us…

  11. KingOfMadCows says:

    And with Betsy DeVos in charge of education, we’ll be back to the 19th century in no time.

  12. Jhon Darken says:

    Ryan and Pence are like two balls alongside one tiny dick.

  13. nenafan1 says:

    Good lord….
    I literally shuddered when I heard ‘Drain the swamp’ from the Stooge in Chief.
    Just knowing that Pence is sitting there, that his cabinet is who they are………

    What a truly disgusting being to be named ‘president,’ and a truly sad day for democracy and the United States.

  14. Ralph Romero :D says:

    I don’t know what I hate more Trump’s speech, or Mike Pence’s and Paul Ryan’s disgusting smiles in the back just nodding to every BS Trump lets out.

  15. Mo Bahjat says:

    Who is paying for the wall?

  16. Thick Skin says:

    Funny, because all those inventors he named were either immigrants or children of immigrants… and most died penniless.
    Also, keep denying science but look what science can do. Lol hypocrisy at best.

  17. Clive says:

    The Trump Supporter Brain:
    – Big military is not big government
    – Healthcare will kill you and enslave you
    – Making less money will make you richer
    – People with less money to spend will make business thrive
    – All unions are communist except police unions and unions that build military equipment
    – All government programs are socialist and need to be cut except for Social Security and Medicare
    – Education will make you ignorant
    – All religions are political systems, except Christianity

  18. Justme Scaredy says:

    His whole speech mirrored the manual of a rising dictator. Promise work through the improving of infrastructure to create an illusion of general well-being. Suck the money from vital government organs and pump them into your army. Talk how bad everything is and how only he can fix it. Deny the help of other nations. Denounce those that criticize him.

    North Korea does the same. As did Adolf Hitler.

  19. Snigdha Bharadwaj says:

    As an Indian, I feel extremely sad about the lack of coverage of the attack and murder of an Indian engineer by a white guy screaming “Get out of my country” in Kansas. If the situation had been reversed and brown guy had killed a white guy while screaming hateful shit, Trump-shit would have been the 1st to scream ‘terrorist’. But this just showed in the strongest manner that the White House does not give a shit about the non-white population of USA. And if the killer is white then it’s not terrorism but only a sad man with psychological problems. I would have hoped that atleast these shows would show something, but even they got swept up in drama of Trump’s stupid shenanigans, as always. I hope the American people show some faith in humanity and show solidarity with the victim’s family.

  20. anton chigurh says:

    Would be nice if Moonlight was president, but no, we are in LALA LAND.

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