Steve Bannon, That Was A Total Cuck Move

Steve Bannon, That Was A Total Cuck Move

It’s inappropriate that the President’s Cabinet has resorted to lewd name-calling. That’s supposed to be Trump’s thing.

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20 Responses

  1. lets chat says:

    I like when Stephen Colbert Dances 😀 its funny…

  2. KingOfMadCows says:

    Is there a portrait of Bannon somewhere where he’s looking healthier and more handsome?

  3. Andrea Rupe says:

    american politics these days really are like gang wars.

  4. mineMissHellsing says:

    I’m reading the title of this video in horror, hoping the word “cuck” will only be used like with the Colbert Report character, demonstrating it’s a dumb fucking word for dumb people.

  5. well meme'd says:

    last time i was this early america was great

  6. JTN L says:

    I’m surprised the word “cuck” wasn’t banned by CBS.

  7. Greg K says:

    It’s funny sometimes, like now, but we shouldn’t use white supremacist jargon too much. It’s the jargon, about cucks, MSM, beta males, libtards, and so on that helps keeps the Alt Right in their bubble. By using the words, people don’t have to actually think or question their thinking, and it shows they belong. The insults become automatic and their brains get hardwired.

  8. k z says:

    Fuck Steve Bannon. He looks like a tumor personified.

  9. Cameron Dale says:

    Anyone else find it odd that Trump supporters have a tendency to call anyone that doesn’t agree with them Nazis, which is itself characteristic of Nazis and they’re the nationalists?

  10. Hans Landa says:

    Now I know why all these alt-right idiots use the word cuck. It’s because daddy Bannon does it too.

  11. Roman Barna says:

    “Globalists”. What a misleading, shitty term. They’re all nationalists.
    The so-called “globalists” are just nationalists who want to engage in wars overseas to secure national interests, while the “anti-globalists” are nationalists who think isolating their nation is in their nations interest.

    The only “globalists/internationalists” are some far-left countries, but that’s about it. The world is shitty exactly because nationalists have too much influence along with their fanatically religious friends.. More nationalism isn’t the solution to problems created by nationalism.

  12. Bonzulac says:

    I wish that before people started throwing “cuck” around as a joke, they would realize that the way Alt-Right trolls mean the word is “immasculated race-traitor.” When Bannon referred to Trump’s son-in-law as a “cuck” and a “globalist,” he was accusing him of not wanting America for white people. I guess Bannon’s grumpy because he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable discussing white supremacy in front of the kid.

  13. Helena Wang says:

    I have lost count of the amount of West Side Story reference’s Colbert has used. One day he needs to redo the entire musical.

  14. Roman Barna says:

    Btw. It’s interesting to see how most right-wing insults generally deal with sexuality.
    Could sexual frustration and insecurity about their masculinity be the cause of their anger?

  15. Dgrayman JJ says:

    “Cuck” is used by racists to silence anyone who is for diversity/multiculturalism. Fuck the alt right and all those sympathetic to white nationalism

  16. Tolba Szy says:

    Bannon’s talents could be as a driver for a car crushing operation.

  17. CoverHeaven says:

    He forgot to mention that vaping is stupid!
    While smoking and dying from cancer is the thing we should do!

  18. Big T. Larrity says:

    Thoroughly cucked again by the Great Papyrus!

  19. Anonymous 2017 says:

    And just like that I can’t think one bad thought about Ivanka.

  20. Raymond G says:

    Is cuck the root word for “cuckservative?” Is it official yet?

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