Steve Buscemi Stars As John Kasich In His Latest Film

Steve Buscemi Stars As John Kasich In His Latest Film

In his 2006 book “Stand For Something,” John Kasich explained how much he hated the movie “Fargo.” Never one to stand for a disappointed fan, Steve Buscemi decided to make a film that Governor Kasich would really enjoy.

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20 Responses

  1. Aheitchoo says:

    That was much more impressive than it needed to be. Well done guys, really
    the whole team.

  2. max springfeild says:

    Skit should have ended with Buscemi in the wood chipper. Obviously.

  3. Morpheus says:

    Kasich is such a pathetic fucking loser.

  4. SaesarSalad says:

    That reminds me: I have to return some video tapes.

  5. Eric Piche says:

    How long did he think the movie was? That grinder seen was pretty much the
    end of the movie. He wasn’t worried about the cop getting shot The head?

  6. Luke Robinson says:

    Another republican without a sense of humour. Fargo is awesome.

  7. Josh Day says:

    this video has inspired me to invest in blockbuster stock.

  8. the bells jon says:

    actually there was a blockbuster not that far from my house lmao

  9. Magnus Nygaard says:

    This would beat BvS on Rotten Tomatoes for sure.

  10. nooneshomegoaway says:

    Didn’t these two win an Academy Award for 2 Girls,1 Cup?

  11. Mrpear234 says:

    bright orange shoe.. I get it. lol

  12. MJ Eckhouse says:

    The movie’s too graphic for John Kasich? Maybe he should watch the back
    alley abortions he’s causing to happen.

  13. Marian Foreman says:

    John Kasich “the One State Wonder” he Must become the Republican
    Presidential nominee after all he won the all important state of Ohio which
    is where he is currently the Governor. Cruz and Trump should just drop out
    and let him run against Hillary since he has apparently “earned” that
    opportunity. What a joke.

  14. k12moyo says:

    loving how it was the late 90’s and blockbuster already had the amazing
    spiderman and dark knight rises.

  15. Paulo Estriga says:

    Why do I always see Dave Grohl in Learn To Fly when Colbert does this kind
    of character?

  16. E - Money says:

    Something tells me that’s not an actual wood chipper. For starters It looks
    like it’s made of paper and the sound it makes sounds artificial. There
    also wasn’t a bloody mess when Stephen got shredded. I’m guessing it was
    all an act and Stephen didn’t actually get shredded. Hmm… I wonder.

  17. mega marc says:

    I wish blockbuster was back

  18. Jeremy Smith says:

    can’t wait until the movie come out

  19. Khaiheem Thompson says:

    Man I miss Blockbuster

  20. NatAttack Films says:

    The establishment is dead.