Steve Harvey’s Favorite Bad Family Feud Answers – Late Night with Seth Meyers

When Family Feud contestants guess wrong, they guess very wrong.
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Steve Harvey’s Favorite Bad Family Feud Answers – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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15 Responses

  1. StarWarsROTJ1983 says:


  2. CHOOCHMAN101 says:

    I think the guy was trying to say porcupine in his defense! Because it does
    sound similar to pork but who knows anymore?

  3. Project Mobius says:

    What, you’ve never had a pork cupine before?

  4. IYQUC (read those letters) says:

    This was really interesting!

  5. Matt Palmquist says:

    I love steve harvey! By far the best family feud host!

  6. Shadownumber206 says:

    I love hearing Steve talk about Family Feud. He also does that with Jimmy
    Fallon. But I gotta be honest, I hate the show Family Feud. So I don’t
    actually watch it.

  7. Marquis Lewis says:

    hahaha! I would love to watch that edited part of the Fast Money segment!

  8. Shirley D says:

    I LOVE Steve Harvey ! He is a comic genius ! He’s a good christian ! He’s a
    loving and devoted husband and father ! He’s a great example of a GOOD MAN
    ! Did I mention he’s the greatest game show host ever ! I wish he’d get

  9. Jason Hayes says:

    Steve is hilarious 

  10. Dominique Robinson says:

    omg i rmr that one with the girl needing 12 points. You could tell her dad
    was pissed. lol..

  11. Trace Taylor says:

    How did Seth Meyers land this gig. He absolutely blows.

  12. Blackbirdrebellion2937 says:

    My personal favorite is when the question was Name something that a pirate
    might be ashamed of
    And the man answers “He don’t know how to spell pirate” 

  13. Jeff from Jersey says:

    Steve is a TRULY FUNNY man… Just genuine funny dude.. he is Perfect for
    that show.. How can you not love this guy…
    it dont matter when you come from, what color you are… this dude is just
    such an easy person to relate to and laugh with…
    God Bless…

  14. Courtney Beam says:

    before even watching i knew he was gonna do the porcupine thing

  15. pandulce says: