Steve-O Shocks Gordon Ramsay While Making A Southwestern Omelette | Scrambled

Steve-O Shocks Gordon Ramsay While Making A Southwestern Omelette | Scrambled

This is not an April Fools Joke. A month ago Gordon invited Jackass’ Steve-O to his kitchen to attempt to make a delicious Southwestern Omelette. Instead, Steve-O brought his antics to Gordon’s kitchen while trying to do his best to keep up with Gordon. Needless to say, Steve-O came ready to have some fun….knives, hot sauce and all! His final dish and crazy stories are something some of us can relate to.

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55 Responses

  1. grace mabel says:

    I thought his shirt said “DUMB BUTT TOUCH” sometimes dyslexia is fun

  2. Bobby Auvil says:

    “I wanted hot, and, I wanted tasty, so, I just combined those elements.” —Steve-O

  3. thesuicidefox says:

    Gordon: Let’s make some food.
    Steve-O: Hold on, let me pour some hot sauce into my eye first.
    Gordon: 😧

  4. G B says:

    I lost it when Steve-o cracked the eggs on his head to compensate for the lack of eggs in his omelette xD

    • FanaticalDrummer says:

      G B Gordon found that hilarious. Even more so how proficiently he did it each time. Way too many eggs cracked on that dome lol

    • GrowingDownUnder says:

      steve o is vegan, but why not eat eggs? did you know that chickens eat their own eggs so even if steve o didn’t eat it the chicken would of eaten it’s own eggs

  5. PoisonedPizza says:

    Him pouring hot sauce in his eye was like you pouring olive oil in a pan: A lot more than you expected.

  6. Yehuda Myers says:

    The crossover we didn’t know we needed

  7. TT says:

    For being such an idiot Steve-O is actually pretty intelligent. Glad he cleaned up his life because he was heading downhill fast. He looks healthy now.

    • Miral Abualjadail says:


    • Fried Pickles says:

      @TT what are you, 10? There is nothing funny about that. Like literally nothing. The music doesn’t make it funny, the “randomness” of it isn’t that random considering every kid makes clips like that. Damn, you probably laugh when you hear a fart too

    • Fried Pickles says:

      @Captain Games you have extremely low criteria if that was the best video you’ve seen all day. Were the other videos you watched just watching paint dry?

    • Sam Herman says:

      if you know about real cynicism and diogenes you should have an association with these kinds of people as smart people

    • L3thal W a s p says:

      He snorted hiv positive blood

  8. Just An Asian Dude says:

    *Gordon* : A dash of olive oil in the pan
    *Steve* : A dash of hotsauce in the eye

  9. H2oRiz says:

    Gordon was about to lose his shit a few times, but he stopped and realized it’s steve-O and nothing of quality is to be expected.

    • Pushkar Sabharwal says:

      agreed. He did seem pissed at times. Gordon was taking this shoot seriously

    • FanaticalDrummer says:

      Its like watching Tuco from Breaking Bad in a kitchen on meth

    • devolutionone * says:

      Whatever Gordon could do or say to him, Steve-O’s been trough way worst a thousand times so it becomes irrelevant, might as well let him be and enjoy the party.

  10. Peasant Scrublord says:

    It sounds like a painful experience for Steve-O every time he speaks.

  11. Hugh Jass says:

    When Jackass came out, Steve-O seemed like the most likely to get killed/seriously injured due to his highly energetic, no shits given personality. Now he’s turned out to be a very well rounded person with a lot of compassion for others. He went from an alcoholic, drug abusing, maniac who’d jump out of a plane without a parachute on a dare, to a drug free meditative vegetarian teetotaler who cares for animals and his fellow man. Probably one of the most drastic turns for the good I’ve ever witnessed.

  12. juddyvideo says:

    THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF GORDON OR JACK ASS THAT IVE SEEN!! ITS LITERALLY A MASH UP OF TWO GREAT AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOWS… AND I LOVE IT!! please please please have Steve comeback for more episodes, and always end the show with Gordon having to go outside and do a prank with Steve. Maybe have guest appearances from jack ass members.

  13. Sweet111323 says:

    Damn a fellow Ramsey actually respects. That’s one in a million.

    • Spyro The kuk says:

      Sweet111323 more like a fellow that Ramsay is lowkey intimidated by. That’s a one in a billion, as far as I know the only other person he admits had intimidated him was Vladimir Putin.

    • Joshua Lee says:

      Sweet111323 He probably respects him after his past. Like Steveo Gordon’s brother was also a drug addict, So he probably respects those who turn their life around.

  14. R J says:

    Steve-O’s. Kitchen prowess nothing short of a circus clown.

    The determination to flip the eggs.. priceless.

  15. Tyler H says:

    “What’s the feedback from the eyeball” should’ve said “it was delicious”

  16. maxj54123 says:

    The fact that Steve-O had Gordon in fits just shows how funny Steve is

  17. dawsyn says:

    Bruh the way Gordon was so serious about his meal and Steve-o was sitting there with a little kids smile on his face while he was gonna try n flip his omlet 😂😂😂

  18. badfoody says:

    “You said those days were gone”

    Well the drugs are gone but he’s still drugs

  19. Covodex says:

    Steve: “My Eyes didn’t taste it yet”
    Gordon: *absolutely appalled* “Steve. Steve… Steve.”

  20. Krakerz z says:

    No one:
    Gordon when he curses: voice crack activated

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