Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

James and music icon Stevie Wonder carpool through Los Angeles singing some of his classic songs and Stevie suggests he and James start a group called the Wondercats. Stevie Wonder’s 20 city tour “Songs In The Key Of Life Performance” will start Sept 30th in Montreal and end Nov 24th at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Ticket information:

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19 Responses

  1. sottotitolifattibene says:

    No Bieber, no shitty Kardashians.


  2. Shannon Marie says:

    Stevie wonder is amazing ?

  3. Waaris Hussain says:

    +SDK HD It’d be better without James maybe arsenio instead

  4. Cynthia Komlo says:

    I have a visual impairment, no driver’s license, but I DO know how to drive
    (thanks Dad!!). This video is HILARIOUS!! TEARS OF LAUGHTER!!! Thanks
    Stevie ~ I’d love to meet you. James Corden + Stevie, you two are brilliant
    together! LOVIN’ those “Brownie Points”!! Find me on Twitter

  5. Jiyū says:

    This was the best one. So funny!! I love Stevie Wonder!

  6. Rob Green says:

    id rather sing to inner visions with stevie :} and ye the whole album :}

  7. julie jaeger says:

    OMG, Loved Stevie W. before; really LOVE him now!!! What a sweetheart.

  8. Juan Gomez says:

    MAESTROO!!! Stevie Wonder…!!!

  9. Charlie Tebbutt says:

    This is my favourite video ever.

  10. adajam31 says:

    I smiled through the whole video your so lucky James what a dream x coyi

  11. caity1116 says:

    There’s assistance available on iPhones (at least) where what you touch is
    read out so you know what you’re doing ?

  12. mAiithee VaL says:

    haha #TheBest! ??

  13. Chris Romero says:

    I really wish these videos were more frequent. Best clips on the net right

  14. Mariana Anselmo says:

    Stevie is such a beautiful soul, God bless him.

  15. Erica Gaines says:

    I’ve found a respect for James!!
    I listen to Stevie almost everyday. The most legendary artist living today.
    The numbers and awards speak for themselves. This made my well ❤️❤️

  16. Erica Gaines says:

    How is Stevie 60+ singing better than most people ! I can’t sing at all but
    I’ve always wanted him as my teacher lol

  17. dean thomas says:

    Just awesome.

  18. Rugby Football Forever says:

    Stevie Wonder is a legend!

  19. stormsigma says:

    Oh my God, who WOULDN’T want to be in a car singing with Stevie Wonder??