Stimulus Check Update on Monday April 6th – Stimulus Package

Stimulus Check Update on Monday April 6th – Stimulus Package

This is your stimulus check update as of Monday April 6th! This is for the third stimulus package that passed under the Trump Administration. This is the stimulus check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act.

If you would like to set yourself up to receive the stimulus check and you have not filed a tax return, please go here:

We hope this helps you secure your stimulus check! The third stimulus package was created to offset unemployment and support small businesses. Please see our other videos about forgivable loans with the small business administration and the EDL loan and the Paycheck Protection Program loan which is also known as the PPP loan.

These are forgivable loans created by the stimulus bill that are open registration now. Please apply for these and we wish you the very best!

ClearValue Tax and affiliates and related parties do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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54 Responses

  1. ClearValue Tax says:

    Hi everyone. Contrary to all the comments below, I was not annoyed or upset making this video. I was actually in a really good mood. I hope this video helps answer some basic questions about the stimulus check as of Monday, April 6th. And please feel free to enjoy the comments below.

  2. Stephanie Collins says:

    Finally somebody who answered all my questions directly and to the point!

  3. Ahrak Napash says:

    Without this channel I wouldn’t know what to do honestly. Thank you for the continuous updates as they come out. You’ve earned a new subscriber

  4. Bryan Perez says:

    Side note
    Those 425+ dislike are from those not getting a check…

    • J B says:

      Bryan. I sold a house in 2019 and turned around and bought another, the first home I sold counted as earned income , so I wont get a check , I’m glad for everyone who does , use it wisely

  5. Vistula Gibson Cooper says:

    Remember on THE OFFICE when Oscar had to break down to Michael??😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  6. Sky Ceecee says:

    Hopefully I’ll get one i filed for 2019 but it was only 4 months because i started in oct 2019 so hopefully I’ll get one if not that’s fine.

  7. Osama Salem says:

    This man looks like he’s fed up with all this bullshit

  8. Ryan says:

    Damn, we haven’t filed for 2019 yet so thanks for the heads up on the owing the difference because although I’m not sure it’s possible. Will probably jump on this sooner than later then.

  9. Lil DoeFlamingo says:

    This is Random but are you Related to Jonny Kim (Navy SEAL, Astronaut & Harvard Grad/Doctor)??? You guys have some similarities 🤔

  10. MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes says:

    2:44 thank you for speaking on this!! There’s one idiot in your comments section who keeps saying it’s an advance and it’s not.

  11. Y. D. Smith says:

    —Stimulus Checked out

    Love that comment 😄.

    I just recently stumbled across your page and I’m so glad I did. Very helpful & informative!!!

  12. Hive Queen says:

    I tried to put in my banking info into TurboTax when I did my 2019 Tax Return but they don’t give me the option to and didn’t give me the option to when I tried to give them my banking info on the TurboTax Stimulus website! LOL When it says I qualify… so I guess I need to wait for the Treasury to make the website so I can give the IRS my banking info for direct deposit. TurboTax… why can’t I just give you my banking info… GODZ! o/

    • Team Grinders says:

      exactly everytime I’ve tried setting it up on turbo tax for the stimulus it says failed and to mail the irs my info. sounds like a waste of time to push my stimulus check even further back no thanks

    • Joe Blast says:

      Dayum boi you shoulda used HR.

    • Shy420 says:

      Montez Demarrco that what I like too know

    • jimgag2 says:

      Hive Queen This is not an endorsement of any tax software program. I filed my 2018 1040 with H&R Block software after using Turbo Tax for years. I didn’t get a tax refund but Block asked me for my bank info for the purpose of having the stimulus money direct deposited.

    • jimgag2 says:

      Hive Queen Correction I meant my 2019 1040 not 2018.

  13. sgtstreetmeat says:

    who loves hearing the word “check ” over and over again lol i do btw.

  14. Madison Ruthie says:

    This is when I’m thankful where I file my yearly taxes the minute I get all my tax information which was early February for me. I recommend to start getting into that habit because I never thought I would benefit from filing so early.

  15. Rosa Henderson says:

    I claimed my daughter on my taxes as a dependent in 2019 . She turned 18 in January of 2019 . I hear neither I as a parent will get child credit for her and she will not Hera check either ? Is that correct ? That seems wrong.

  16. Adam Jung says:

    This guy kicks ass! If I needed a tax guy, he’d be the man I go to. Clear, concise, correct information.

  17. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Why does it feel like I’ve been bugging and asking him and he finally took time out just to explain it to me. Lol
    Very informative good video!

  18. Dojocho says:

    I filed my joint taxes 2019 in person with Jackson Hewitt with my wife. When my return came from the IRS Somehow it got sent to the Tax prepares office in which they called us and we went in and picked it up. We did put our banks information on it like the previous year …any Idea why it went to the Tax office?

  19. Teran Icer says:

    Not every1 has a bank acct, or wants a bank acct…

  20. John 3:16 says:

    “I can explain it to you,
    but I cant understand it for you!”

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