Stop-Motion Karate

Stop-Motion Karate

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Since we aren’t black belts in real life, we have to do all our tricks lying down. Just apply a little bit of stop-motion to bring it to life!

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19 Responses

  1. Brady the Polymath says:

    Hold on… Am I crazy or have I seen this video before? Wait… I think it
    was a stop motion video a lot like it.

  2. Ollie's CS:GO Stuff says:

    5/10 – IGN “not enough child murder”

  3. HitokageProduction says:

    so cool

  4. heyzeus023 says:

    She’s hot.

    Especially her butt.

    And now, that guy has to register as a sex offender because he had his
    pants down in a park.



  6. Mister WHEELZ (MrWHEELZ) says:

    Well, i love your videos, i subscribed a Long Time ago but, i’m sad to tell
    you, This is not karate :/
    Nothing in the movements looks like karate :/ that’s harm :/

  7. PovRayMan says:

    Real life fact: If Jake the motorcycle bro’s furrowed brow were a cologne
    one spray would have dropped that woman’s belt instantaneously.

  8. xossie says:

    Hahahaha so funny, and i literally lolled at the end scream ;D

  9. Infamous Soulja says:

    faggot ass crackers think you are slick

  10. Tora Chan says:

    All that to impressed some random chick they didn’t know.

  11. SharkSherkan says:

    This video doesn’t make any sense.

  12. Parvu Adrian Alin says:

    Stop-Motion Karate

  13. David Slanař (DrSney) says:

    Tak tohle se panáčkům náramně povedlo!

  14. joe satriani says:

    Girl name please.. for duel purpose not science..

  15. Jose Grullon (Choni0823) says:

    Stop Motion Karate

  16. Blasts Mods says:

    absolutely fantastic!!

  17. Justin Nowak says:

    All shot on the iPhone6

  18. Samantha Leighton says:

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  19. HeroesNStuff says:

    What the whoa!?! I can only imagine how long this took.