Stop Saying “I’m So Broke”

Stop Saying “I’m So Broke”

You can’t afford to buy the Apple Watch. She can’t afford to feed her kids.

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19 Responses

  1. Lindsey Dawn says:

    I’m actually so broke! I have $55!!! No one will even give me an interview 🙁
    and I’m probably going to get evicted soon

  2. jspr2k5 says:

    great video

  3. Erick Pincay says:

    IT’S KARL MARX PLAN!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aga Karwacka says:

    ppl that actually can’t afford anything they don’t say they are broke …..
    I don’t I have a phone but this is a really old phone and sometimes by my
    mates I don’t even want to take it out cause all if the have much better
    phones I ain’t ashamed I just hate ppl knowing that I have something for 4
    years now and still haven’t got anything new …. A person in my school
    said that they are broke . they took out their phone and it was a Samsung
    one of the newest

  5. Adnan Ilyas says:

    Well, actually college age kids probably are in more debt than a lot of
    genuinely poor people. The difference is that these guys have access to
    credit (and parents) and have the expectation to be able to afford to
    maintain and pay the resulting debt. Genuinely poor people don’t have
    access to things like bank loans, and it’s hard for them to pay them back
    if they do. That’s why pay-day loans are such huge and successful scams…
    because the poor have no other alternative. This is a huge reason why
    microcredit is one of the best ways to improve social mobility in
    developing countries.

  6. Triseratopz Stoodioz says:

    Exactly lol I’m a bit of a rich kid so I consider £10 broke.

  7. zoiuduu says:

    that latino thing is racist kkkk

  8. Alex M Almeida says:

    Great videos! I love the way you guys handle social issues with a spin of

  9. DOGaming says:

    That one guy from Honduras touched my heart strings a lil bit 

  10. Club Kinder Toys says:


  11. PapaKay says:

    These arent even remotely relatable. 

  12. Mo' Black says:

    But they weren’t wrong either! You’re being way too hard on the youth!
    Staying-up in relation to their friends is all young Americans can do. It’s
    what their will all the way be about. They weren’t supposed to be able to
    relate to some cunt, and her douche bag husband who’s house got foreclosed
    on! You’re gonna ask the youth for charity now? Maybe the older generation
    should stop crybabying to the Millennials! It’s not all about YOU guys
    either you bunch of jealous hacks! Maybe you just squandered your youth!

  13. Pugsylol says:

    Wish i had bigger screen to watch this on, im too broke though.

  14. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Bitch please, I’m Venezuelan. I DO know what it is to be broke…

  15. FreeBeDrug says:

    Um actually, that was a blue screen.

  16. Percy Prior-Everdeen says:

    This is why I make a point of never calling myself broke. I say ”I need to
    save up a bit before I can buy those space shoes” (they’re blue and they
    have blue planets and yellow stars and I love them) instead.

  17. eren kurt says:

    I rarely get pocket money .i earn like 15€ in 6 months.i bring newspapers
    but my parents keep the money i earn.but atleast there’s always food at

  18. Vrinder94 says:

    Fuck off I am actually broke….

  19. SweetHOTjimbo says:

    First world problems