EXCLUSIVE! RHOA Peter Thomas & Matt Jordan Fight at Radio Station (FULL VIDEO) EXCLUSIVE! RHOA Peter Thomas & Matt Jordan Fight at Radio Station (FULL VIDEO)


Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Matt Jordan (former bf of Kenya Moore) brawl in a Charlotte radio studio.

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19 Responses

  1. Niqua Burton says:

    Say whatcha want but Peter wasn’t scared ?? he was handling Matt ass as if he was Matt’s age lol ???? age don’t mean shit even a young buck can get choked up by by a old cat ????????

  2. MaKayla Clark-Sol says:

    Did peter hit him with a box cutter

  3. Hurnties Burnties says:

    peter thomas can hold his own with his old ass ?? i’ll give him that ???

  4. Mz B says:

    Why is the female trying to break it up more than the dude? She could have gotten hurt. Now, I understand that adrenaline & her not wanting to see them fight but at least guy could have tried to protect her more. He seemed way more scared than she did..

  5. spiritnaturemac says:


  6. Keith Jackson says:

    old man gave him the hip toss.. he knows judo

  7. Frederick Jones says:

    I’m surprised Matt didn’t start crying like he does on every other scene

  8. Akiya Michelle says:

    Damn I head Peter say towards the very end “I could’ve cut him…” #shitcray

  9. Rolla06 says:

    peter did great. but Matt could bust a nut in me he’s bae af

  10. trane07 says:

    Peter tried to give him the ol’ buck fifty. Matt’s lucky. His bald ass would have ended up looking like Seal.

  11. orcien O says:

    That was a weak move on Peter to pull out a box cutter. But Matt should have known he had something on him because Peter never took his hand out his pocket.

  12. Dedra Ross says:

    Throw dat hot rice on his ass Uncle Ben! ✊?

  13. 83Jude says:

    #23 just standing there while MB’s handling 2 grown men?! joker!

  14. Redacted Redacted says:

    Old man strength is live and well.

  15. Champagne Shivers says:

    I never doubted peter somebody who always had talking loud and get beat up

  16. Scientific Machine says:

    Wild animals never change.

    Just kidding. 😉

  17. Chris Newman says:

    I might have to buy Peter a drink next time I see him, he held his own. lmao

  18. Nakai says:

    I don’t know who they are but man what a good fight. Wrong comment? My bad.

  19. lilrichgrl94 says:

    Matt is just looking for a come up ….bitch ass

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