Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix

Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix

In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues.

Watch Strange Things on Netflix:

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Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix

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62 Responses

  1. alien covenant says:

    The adventure continues is last episode so there is also season 4

  2. Zomb1eBaxter says:

    I highly doubt that these are the actual episode titles. That was what happened with the season 2 title tease

    • Riley Johansson says:

      Yeah true I looked at them before and they had different names

    • SpacedOutErri l-/ says:

      They could be potential episode titles like in season two teaser they kept mad max and the pollywog and changed the lost brother to the lost sister

    • Sear phakes says:

      +SpacedOutErri l-/ Heyy clique fan
      anyways, the episode titles are probably the real ones, since the s2 teaser came out like
      very soon after s1 so
      they finished filming for s3 so these are the real episode titles for sure.

    • A Polite Young Man says:

      I expect a couple to stick, not all of them

    • Daman Lamba says:

      Season 2’s titles were released just after 2 months of season 1 but this time they took more than a year so they might be correct

  3. neiv10 says:

    *19-8-5* maybe?

  4. Khushal Dutta says:

    Eagerly waiting…just can’t stop watching it again and again… stranger things??

  5. Daman Lamba says:

    Shadow monster we know you are reading comments. Like to mark your presence♥️

  6. Lance McGowan says:

    I don’t wanna wait any longer

  7. Максим Шакирзянов says:

    Есть тут кто говорит на русском?))

  8. MSW My Strange World channel says:

    Это вы тизером называете?

  9. E X says:

    *Drops phone* ?

  10. lucy 2764 says:

    Can we have an actual trailer please 🙂

  11. Kai Lüpertz says:

    Ima watch season 1 and 2 again just before season 3 comes out xD

  12. Ivan Sabolek says:

    0:07 are the upside down rats new monster?!?!?

    • Unknown Guy says:

      Wave no its the episodes names

    • Wave says:

      Unknown Guy
      I understand that completely, but all episode names usually reflect on what the episode will be about, and you’ll have to think more deeply about the context of those names to really understand.

    • Ivan Sabolek says:

      +Wave maybe in episode the bite a upside down rat bites someone…

    • Wave says:

      Ivan Sabolek
      Well that just makes no sense, since there’s already an episode named “the bite”. I’m going with my theory because it’s more logical. They wouldn’t just have some rats bite people.

    • Ivan Sabolek says:

      +Wave the UPSIDE DOWN RATS would bite for sure, also the Duffer brothers said that in season 3 there will be new monsters.

  13. Nella Bella says:

    whose already having a mental breakdown about “the bite” ?‍♀️

  14. Experience Music says:

    _Please be better than season 2_

  15. everybuddy says:

    IM SHAKING. there better be a queen song this season plz!!

  16. Astrology Nerd says:


  17. Airana Venti says:

    *this theme song is always giving me goosebumps*

  18. Lance1223 says:

    I see stranger things related thumbnail, i click

  19. Crish says:

    Suzie, do you copy?
    The mall rats.
    The case of the missing lifeguard.
    The sauna test.
    The source.
    The birthday.
    The bite.
    The battle of Starcourt.

  20. Addisson 136 says:

    Am I the only one who can’ breathe while watching this intro?

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