Stuck at sea: Cargo ship wedged in Suez Canal causes traffic jam

Stuck at sea: Cargo ship wedged in Suez Canal causes traffic jam

Tug boats and a digger are struggling to free a mega cargo ship, blocking one of the world’s busiest shipping pathways.

Dozens of ships are stuck because a container ship almost half a kilometre long is wedged across the waterway.

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52 Responses

  1. julio rosa says:

    it’s gonna take a lot of fibber to unblock that.

  2. Francois Menard says:

    8 more weeks of waiting time for your ps5 😎

  3. Kael Kael says:

    It should be called “EVER STUCK” cargo ship.

  4. Thuroczi says:

    Someone’s drugs are not gonna be delivered in time …

  5. Tony says:

    I bet everyone is beeping their horns 🤭.

  6. Ward M says:

    “It remains unclear IF and when … will ever be moved”… great reporting

  7. Pozorrogo says:

    Now all our orders from Wish are going to be an extra 3 months late

  8. BrainSoupForMe says:

    WD40 could get ship unstuck in no time, use the whole can if necessary.

  9. True - Light says:

    Has this ever happened before…. I just think it’s odd that all these years and now someone gets stuck?

    • aleksander suur says:

      @Jason B That was a bit tongue firmly in cheek, the 2016 one was some 350m long, smaller but still giant, mostly it didn’t block the canal because it didn’t get stuck in the narrowest a part of it and also they got it off the banks fast. Otherwise it was a similar case, engine trouble causing loss of control and grounding.
      Technical trouble happens and sometimes it happens in the most inconvenient of situations.

    • True - Light says:

      @Randy Simons which ice age movie?

    • I Ro says:


    • N̷e̲̅p̷̅h̲i̷̲̅l̷̲i̷̲̅m̷̲̅ says:

      false flag

    • G V says:

      It’s been reported the area was having a sandstorm, visibility was low and strong winds

  10. Joe Schlotthauer says:

    The ship will be forever known as;

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