studio footage: “positions” outro

studio footage: “positions” outro

positions out now:

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  1. rapidsongs says:

    vocalist of our generation for a reason

  2. bitch says:

    omg we need safety net footage

  3. Alec says:

    ariana writing, producing, singing songs: “just like magic, middle finger to my thumb and then i snap it”

  4. sweetea says:

    Guys, that’s just one section of the song, imagine working this hard on whole damn thing. She works SO HARD to satisfy us and has fun doing it, like… what?

  5. Bryan Serafin says:

    This is what I want to see from her, how she stacks, how she edits, how she records them, how she deletes a track, how she sings it this way, how she sings it that way, this is so fascinating to me

  6. Hobi's sPrItE says:

    I feel like NOT loving Ariana should be illegal.

  7. Maxim says:

    usually the producers will be like ONE MORE PLEASE

    here it’s Ariana to the producers ONE MORE 🤍💀 god I love her

  8. Ronnie Sarkar says:

    Boys don’t want Girlfriend , they just want Safety Net Footage .

  9. ok says:

    everyone: she’s an amazing singer

    me: okay she’s an amazing singer BUT THAT ICONIC PONYTAIL

  10. Said Ouassi says:

    No one can argue that miss Ariana is the vocalist of our generation her vocalsss are insane heaven made periodt.

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