Styling Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

Styling Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

Soooo we got invited to go to Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton.. I know we can’t believe it either. We had no clue what we were going to wear each day because we picked each other’s outfits out..


Check out the video we did on Louis Vuitton’s Channel! –

Merch –
( Where the socks came from 😉 )

Ethan’s Stuff

SNAPCHAT – EthanDolan

Grayson’s Things

SNAPCHAT – GraysonDolan

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25 Responses

  1. Relatable. says:

    When Grayson said “nO cAp BrAh (BrUh).” The captions said “No YeAh BrA.”

  2. Olivia Pearson says:

    Grayson’s first fit was fire ! Ethan really pulled through

  3. Naomi x says:

    how the dolan twins go to the airport :
    me: *primark* clothing

  4. Erin Green says:

    Round one Ethan won
    Round two Grayson won
    Round three Grayson won

    Grayson Wins!!!?

  5. Avril renee says:

    Not even a single soul:

  6. Genevieve DeVeau says:

    The airport outfits remind me of Kylie and Kendall Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala

  7. Aiden Manning says:

    my favorite thing i did in paris was walk the streets at night . it was so relaxing ?

  8. Casey King says:

    11:16 Ethan: “you think I look better than you?”
    Grayson: “I think your outfit does.”

    hahahaha the low key shade

  9. angie bianchi says:

    no one:
    grayson: every time we leave for france he does this
    *what a rich sentence HAHAHA

  10. Marysia Sokalska says:

    Round 1= Grayson (outfit for ethan)
    Round 2= Ethan (outfit for grayson)
    Round 3= Grayson (outfit for ethan)
    Grayson is the winner ????

  11. Alina J says:

    10:30 “those are blowing my mind right now”
    “they’re gonna be blowing your..” ??

  12. Antonella says:

    Other youtubers : 50 sec intro
    The dolan twins : 3:51 min intro including bloopers

  13. Amina Buibas says:

    Wow, okayyy ! Grayson really DID THAT ! The last outfit he chose for Ethan was FIRE ! ??

  14. iamgiana says:

    Round 1: Ethan
    Round 2: Ethan
    Round 3: Grayson

    Overall, all of these outfits are fire! ???
    I think Ethan won!

  15. abby fren says:

    Round 1: Ethan
    Round 2: Ethan
    Round 3: Grayson

    Surprisingly in my opinion ETHAN WON!!!??

  16. Fabulously Me says:

    Round 1: Grayson won
    Round 2: Ethan won
    Round 3: Gray won
    All in all: Gray is the ultimate winner

  17. Melissa says:

    Ethan: it’s just gonna be the two of us, we eat a lot
    Camera man: :0

  18. Meg Frost says:

    Round 1 winner: Grayson!
    Round 2: Ethan!
    Round 3: Grayson!!
    Love the outfits guys!!! ❤️

  19. Lacy Lane says:

    Ethan: so maybe we could eat some snails..?

    Grayson: or maybe not?

    Ethan: ʸᵉᵃʰ

  20. Random Girl says:

    No one:

    Ethan: Its not like he’s more muscular than me he ju- jus- he just is built differently

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