SUGAR SHOW!!! What Really Happened at UFC 250 (Sean O’Malley vs Eddie Wineland)

SUGAR SHOW!!! What Really Happened at UFC 250 (Sean O’Malley vs Eddie Wineland)

Sean O’Malley delivered one of the knockouts of the year in a technical showcase of striking skills. How did he do it?

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71 Responses

  1. Feint says:

    Weasle is so quick with it, wow.

  2. Mike Murphy says:

    damn the card is still going and the vid is already up

  3. Fony Terguson says:

    Please do a video on Cody Garbrandt killing a man.

  4. Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje says:

    Sean “Mark Hunt” O’Malley

  5. IntentChief says:

    This was a quicker turn around then Stylebender

  6. Tariq P says:

    Can’t wait for the Cody-Assuncao breakdown! What epic knockouts tonight!

    • DesperateFun Gaming says:

      Cult Mechanicus Cody KOed Assuncao with less than 1 second left in the 2nd round

    • S'all good man! says:

      I know! Aside from the main event…..this card was solid. Despite what a lot of people’s expectations

    • Tariq P says:

      S’all good man! This card really made the Bantamweight division one of the most interesting divisions right now. Especially with Yan and Aldo happening soon.

  7. Blackwings Prophet says:

    bantamweight is on 🔥🔥🔥 Suger walk off KO on Wineland Aljo choking out Cory And now Garbrandt face planting Assunçao were the people  how said this card was trash

    • mpforeverunlimited says:

      People were saying the main event was trash. I didn’t see anyone saying the whole card sucked.

    • sir psycho says:

      Bro, the main event was weak (just as it turned out). Then, there were these 3, very interesting fights on the undercard. That literally what most expected lol.

    • mpforeverunlimited says:

      @sir psycho exactly

    • Blackwings Prophet says:

      @sir psycho thats better than most events these days and a lot of people was still complaining about this card I know it wasn’t going to disappoint regardless

    • sir psycho says:

      @Blackwings Prophet bro. This was PPV. Its one thing streaming this for free and paying $80 for it.

  8. Beef Spork says:

    Gotta admit that stache on eddie just give him best mustache of the night

  9. Ya Yeet says:

    Just when we thought this KO was crazy….and then Cody comes in and teleported Assuncoa to the shadow realm.

  10. Sarcastic Genius says:

    Cody needs to co main under Nunes all the time. Best performance of his career both times.

  11. Sarcastic Genius says:

    Tonight Sean was Mark Hunt and Cody was Francis Ngannou.

  12. Shady G says:

    Cody just Ngannou’d Assuncao. That was a brutal murder

  13. robert fouch says:

    Sugar looks like a created character 😂

  14. A Hitch says:

    So happy for Cody and Sean! Great KO’s and they are both so fun to watch!

  15. Laser 12 says:

    sean ngannou’d wineland
    cody ngannou’d assuncao
    nunes did to Felicia what i do to my meat

  16. Maurizio Tonelli says:

    This was Conor vs Cowboy LIL PUMP edition

  17. Ryan Campbell says:

    6ix9ine with a clean ko 🙌

  18. Umrajit Mohanty says:

    Man the bantamweights are on fire tonight.. walk of ko to last minute ko to Early submission sleep.. what a main card..

  19. KerioFive says:

    Conor trying to steal the spotlight 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Butt-head says:

    For anyone who says O’malley don’t have power: STFU 😂😂

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