Suicide Squad – Movie Review

Suicide Squad – Movie Review

DC Villains unite! The DC Cinematic Universe has been divisive among fans thus far, but maybe this team can bring it all together. Here’s my review of “Suicide Squad”!

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20 Responses

  1. Sean Elliot says:

    This is why IMDB is more reliable than RT.

  2. MsKira1313 says:

    I trust Jeremy’s reviews (and somewhat Angry Joe’s) more than any other
    critic. I’m seeing this movie this weekend.

  3. Nagaraj Veer says:

    One thing everyone fail to understand is that critics these days review a
    movie by their expectation level. That’s the reason why movies like Jason
    Bourne gets a negative rating because critics had high expectations because
    the last movie of the franchise with Matt Damon(Ultimatum) was a
    masterpiece and BvS also has a 27% on RT because the movie was over-hyped
    and critics had high expectations and even though I too didn’t like BvS I
    don’t think it deserves that low of a rating. That’s also why movies like
    Ghostbusters and Bad Moms has a higher rating because no one expected it to
    be any good but hence it was okay than their expectation they gave it a
    positive review.

  4. LBP 101 says:

    Dude, it’s not even out for another 2 days… how are you.. what, why,
    when, HOW!?

  5. megamovieman101 says:

    I just didn’t like Joker and Harley… but I guess I already knew I
    wouldn’t like them. Joker was doomed for me as soon as I saw his new look,
    and Harley… *sigh* Pretty much anything to do with New 52 Harley just
    doesn’t work for me. I’m probably going to get hate on this comment because
    hype for the movie is high right now, but the critics who aren’t comparing
    it to Marvel (tired of them doing that), I find myself agreeing with. Sorry
    I have a different opinion than the rest of you. No, I am not a Marvel
    fanboy. Yes, I am a real fan. No, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind
    about the movie. I am just leaving this here so that other fans who agree
    with me know they’re not alone.

  6. theledd123456 says:

    the critics on rotten tomato… wtf is wrong with them?

  7. ibrahem73 says:

    personally I don’t trust RT, IMDb, Chris, Jeremy…etc (no offense to
    jeremy tho) I just like to wait and see the movie to form my own opinion,
    and you should too

  8. Tim Sevigney says:

    They need a Jared Leto Joker and Ben Affleck Batman movie directed by Ben
    Affleck and make it rated R. With Harley cameos.

  9. Donald Dudley says:

    This movie is gonna Suck! Just like this Review. Jeremy jahns is retarded
    with his wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man arms, I love DC
    Comics But Hate DC Movies! C’mon gay ass marvel is owning the movie
    business! When DC should be! Fuck This Review and Jeremy Jahns people only
    like this vid because he’s the only one saying things about this

  10. VTworldtoons says:

    someone is scared of giving it an awesometacular…

  11. King Scorpion says:

    in BVS jeremy broke my heart
    in this he won it back and way more
    love the review
    made my day
    thanks mate

  12. Profane Historian says:

    Huh. A DC movie that doesn’t suck? Did I stroke out and go back to the 90’s?

    Seriously though. Glad that it appears ZS was the problem. Now I’m even
    more pumped for the Batfleck standalone.

  13. Vijay Mohan says:

    RT has 35% imdb 8.6 who to believe..I have never gone to a movie based on
    only Chris and Jeremys review and went to BvS even before their reviews
    were out and it was horrible..time to take a leap of faith….

  14. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    I kinda wonder what it would be like if jake gilinhall was the joker?

  15. Austbot99 says:

    So far Comicbook fans are saying the movie is good and critics are saying
    its bad!

  16. MotherF**ker Production. says:

    Jeremy liked it but Chris did not… Who am I going to trust?!!

  17. FeniX says:

    Sorry I’m new to this. But how do critics and reviewers like him have watch
    the movie already? As far as I know it’s not released in the US until the
    fifth of august.

  18. iZoOm says:

    Is there any spoilers in the video?

  19. Hayden TheNayobian says:

    Is it just me or has Jeremy been extremely forgiving to recent films?

  20. fa de says:

    Integrity compromised Jeremy Hahns … but i understand you want to make $$
    hey we all do. But to say this movie was good makes you no smarter than a
    Trump supporter