Suigeneris & His Ex Girlfriend Take A Lie Detector Test: Does He Miss Their Relationship? | Fuse

Suigeneris & His Ex Girlfriend Take A Lie Detector Test: Does He Miss Their Relationship? | Fuse

Watch as the ‘Demons N Angels’ rapper gets grilled by his ex girlfriend in our infamous lie detector test.

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57 Responses

  1. POOP DEALER says:

    Sui: says that he never lies in a relationship

    Also sui: lying to his ex about telling the truth

  2. Donald Trump says:

    Lmao dudes face after he says he’s the brown Justin Bieber

  3. Symonie Jalikatu Kargbo says:

    “I’m John the lie detector guy” 😂

  4. Briette Camilien says:

    I think she still wants him back

  5. 1Elijaah says:

    Dam sui put his heart into dat song wit her and she thought he didn’t write da lyrics al bad😭😭

  6. Wavo Flashy says:

    Ex: Do you miss our relationship?

    Sui: *Sweats intensly*

  7. J o s i a h V i b e z says:

    Lie Detector guy should take a lie detector test

  8. Mr.Brown says:

    The lie detector man just looks like he wants to go home

  9. Jake Godinez says:

    They should put Devinity in the chair

  10. Bryan Flores says:

    No one is talking about how fine she is 💀

  11. Neil Wang-Hodgson says:

    “Would I?”
    Looks at the guy in fear

  12. Bandkideli says:

    I wanna see cardi b and offset shit finna get him caught up 😂😂

  13. D W says:

    Sui: “so you think I suck?”

    Devinity: “yeah.. sometimes”

    😭😂😂 why she treat that n-gga like that

  14. damian g says:

    She’s not attractive at all just a nice body no offense

  15. 47 Kyng says:

    His ex came on and started pressing tf outta him

  16. Kung fu Benny says:

    The lie detector guy is like “What has my career become”

  17. juju says:

    LMAO, he said “no” serious asf when he said no to taking a bullet for her

  18. LordJwxtk says:

    need someone to look at me like that guy stared at the laptop screen the whole time

  19. Aaron Jarvis says:

    Sui: people don’t appreciate my music because of my age

    Lil tecca: bro I’m 16 and ransom blew up


    His ex is not it …she seems a lot less mature then him not gonna lie …. clearly lost out 🤣 he’s a pretty truthful guy

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