Sun Yat-sen – A Kidnapping in London – Extra History – #2

Sun Yat-sen – A Kidnapping in London – Extra History – #2

Sun Yat-sen moves to a new city for safety, but it will not last long–a year after the Revive China society is destroyed and scattered, he is unwittingly kidnapped in London. He must rely on the ingenuity of his outside ally, Dr. James Cantlie…
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72 Responses

  1. Extra Credits says:

    REMINDER: as we are going on our annual winter holiday break, Extra History will resume with Sun Yat-sen #3 on January 12 (or sooner if you’re a patron…)
    Suggestion survey for future Extra History series is open now!

  2. JohnnyElRed says:

    For all of the urgency there was to getting him out of the consulate, surely the chinese government took his sweet time getting him out of London. XD

  3. DragoniteSpam says:

    I think “emotional rollercoaster” describes this one pretty well.

  4. Pika Zilla says:

    10:00 Wild Oddish Appeared!

  5. Otto von Bismarck says:

    Bismarck has been waiting all week for this

  6. Mohammed Ayaan says:

    Cant wait to learn more about history

  7. Levi Neinas says:

    You guys most put so much time in your vids because their so great!


    Watching in this while in hospital (dont worry im fine just routine check up) have a merry christmas guys

  9. Finneus Bedford says:

    The anime continues

  10. AlphaxAlex says:

    *Of the people*
    *By the people*
    *For the People*

    WHO WON?

  11. Сёма Маликов says:

    Just one single failed rebelled man… Rewriting The history of all Asia and whole world

  12. CbrineYT says:

    The dude who burned the book was a legend and hero

  13. Vladimir Lagos says:

    Funny how Sun’s dream would end up bungled by the corruption of his succesor, and his whole movement would turn out to be just a segway into Mao’s China.

    • Jonathan Williams says:

      Sun was already exploring ideas that can only be implemented with zero freedom

    • Shadowfury333 says:

      +mxn1948 Oh, right. Okay, I haven’t really studied that period in a little while, so makes sense I’d forget.

    • stoneruler says:

      The worst possible outcome

    • HK Chan says:

      Sun is the one who introduced Leninism to China in his final years, his dream only became true locally in Taiwan when democracy is achieved in 1996 elections

    • The Raging Storm says:

      +Shadowfury333 he was but chan ki shek would become the real power moving forward.

      He expended allot of his power militarily and politically fighting the Japanese.

      When the Soviets gave the communist side Manchuria. The nationalists were finished.

  14. Олег Козлов says:

    Stay tuned for the next episode of “Sun Yat-Sen: doing illegal stuff in major cities!”

  15. Bryce Ramos says:

    Does that “Japanese botanist” have any more Pokemon? I need to beat Let’s Go.

  16. Antti Björklund says:

    “Not because he had a plan”.

    So he was an anti-Bismarckian type?

  17. Wintermute01001 says:

    Geez. If this were a fictional story instead of real life, I’d be pissed at all the ridiculous coincidences. XD

  18. Robbie Garber says:

    8:31 and 10:01
    Looks like Ali’s been playing too much Pokemon.

  19. Exhausted Elox says:

    I can’t imagine how many lives Lu Hao Dong saved in burning that book. The man knew that the revolution was bigger than himself. Such a sacrifice in the end.

  20. Angel Fox says:

    One of those ‘socialist’ thinkers that would influence Dr. Sun (other than Karl Marx, who he read quite a bit) was a man named Henry George, whose ideas of a ‘Land Tax’ still lives on in Taiwan.

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