Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro Said To Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases | The View

Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro Said To Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases | The View

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42 Responses

  1. julye says:

    Damn…I was really looking forward to Sunny asking Kamala about the Haitian border crisis…

  2. Mongy says:

    Watching on west coast this has quickly become a train wreck.

  3. Betty Marshall says:

    I thought that was pretty strange that they waited until they were half way into the show then all of a sudden they claim they were tested for covid ..well, we will see Monday if they are back on the set..the whole week they were saying VP Kamala Harris would be their live then at the last few minutes she came on virtual. later we will find out what really happen.

    • calm 104 says:

      That’s a pretty stupid statement! They have been tested positive for covic 19 and ofcourse they won’t be back next week! And the rest of your statement is crazy!

    • China B says:

      @calm 104 Calm down….. It is ironic to make the host leave in the middle of a live show to tell them they have Covid in 2021. That should have been handled before they started taping live🧘🏽‍♀️

    • millenniumman75 says:

      @calm 104 In the middle of a show? Yeah right. They were already separated on the stage when they initially walked off! They weren’t even in the segment virtually…..VERY suspicious – hiding just like the administration. What a sham!

    • Betty Marshall says:

      @calm 104 Hey idiot! Dont be so naive..That whole thing was a setup. Why all of a sudden they tested positive half way on the show?

    • Charlotte Wright says:

      Did I hear the ladies have the the vaccination? Why is the president pushes so hard to get them.

  4. Rushawn Stewart says:

    I hope they’re OK, but it’s a bit hilarious. I can imagine Sunny practising her question for Harris in the mirror last night 😂

  5. Seiferboy Gaming says:

    When they were asked to leave the table, I legit thought they were being split up so each group would ask a different set of questions.

  6. Courtney Fleischman says:

    The last rapid test I did took 15 minutes to receive the results… so they didn’t do this before during hair and makeup before the show started? They did the test right as they were about to walk out on stage? Give me a break.

    • Matthew says:

      @Jamesetta Amico in what twisted world do you live in where the View is “respected and ABC is a scandal free network”???. OMG… these women are some of the most hypocritical, ignorant women on TV. And if you did any research, you would find ABC is any buy “scandal free”…

    • Ryden22 says:

      @Matthew Thank you. I thought I was the only one losing my mind when I saw “The View” and “respected” in the same sentence.

    • classickruzer1 says:

      @Flike NOPE – It’s a SET UP.. a FAKE .. A way to keep that stinking V P woman from having to answer any questions.. Their FOOLS fell for it though..

    • D maj says:

      Stay woke.

    • Phil Scazmotis says:

      Propaganda. That’s why.


    We still have so many questions, like why don’t they get their results back BEFORE the show airs? And why didn’t they set up the vice-president remotely BEFORE announcing the positive cases to the room? All week Sunny and Ana had been looking forward to asking their questions and at the last minute this happens. Shady. They still could have appeared remotely as well. Why make them leave?

  8. Mark Hamilton says:

    This is the first The View clip I’m LIKING 😂

  9. Kraevin Moorehed says:

    Two covid positive people in a room filled with people…….
    You guys win today’s Darwin award 👏

  10. Mel K says:

    There’s no business than show business. These “ladies” are graduates of the Lee Strasborg school of bad acting!

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