“Sunsprite’s Eulogy” | Passerine animatic

“Sunsprite’s Eulogy” | Passerine animatic

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This one’s a little different so I hope you enjoy it ^^
This video is about a Sleepy Bois Inc. fan fiction called “Passerine” by thcscus. I just like how well it is written and give my gratitude to the writer by making a short animatic. If you wish to give it a read, here’s the link…

“Passerine” – thcscus(blujamas)
link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28755084

The writer informed me that she doesn’t want the fic to be spammed in CCs chats/donos. So please respect that ^^

Café 1930 (Astor Piazzolla) – Alexandra Whittingham and Esther Abrami
(Please dont spam their comment section relating to this video, instead just show them some love. Please respect creators ^^)

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44 Responses

  1. SAD-ist says:

    Get my Youtooz!! 😀 → https://youtooz.com/products/sad-ist

  2. OwO says:

    Can we talk Technoblade and how he’s playing the violin so majestically. It honestly puts a tear into my eye.

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    “A Yellow Rose – a symbol of friendship.”


  4. Arlana Bihag says:

    “That is what it feels,” someone gasped, “to lose everything.”

    -chapter 5

  5. julie says:

    “What gave me the strength to leave the night my wife died, Techno, was the knowledge that you were staying behind. I’d seen what you were becoming to the boys, and what the boys were becoming to you. I knew I could leave, because they had you.”

  6. -- says:

    I really like how the speed picks up after the death of Kristin, how Wilbur gets crowned and goes to war, sees his brother die, all at such a young age

  7. Josixrxn says:

    “he could still hear the strings of a lonely guitar, playing over the soft laughter of soldiers that were now simply… gone.”
    passerine, chapter 4

  8. Lazy_Artist 13 says:

    Technoblade stiffened. His mouth opened and closed, like he was trying to breathe but forgot how, before he finally said, “Are we friends, then?”

    Tommy stood and brushed grass from his pants. “Well, obviously.”

    Passerine – Chapter 2

  9. chloot says:

    “people mourned the beauty of a wilting rose, but an unblooming bud would give a quieter heartache.” **sobs**

  10. Rosie K says:

    “Tommy,” Wilbur whispered into Tommy’s hair, “you were six.” This is what got me

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