Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller Stops By

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller Stops By

The football star joined Ellen on her show, fresh from the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl win.

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20 Responses

  1. Vi Le says:

    Damn that necklace ? bling bling ?? and Von millers amazing ?

  2. Marcella Perez says:

    Vonster!!! Denver needs to show him the $$$$!!!

  3. Josh Sutton says:

    Peyton probably went to do a life alert commercial. I laughed so hard

  4. Daniel Solorzano says:

    Any one else notice his big strong neck? Haha dam no homo… ?

  5. Enoch Ching says:

    giving Von miller’s charity organization 10,000$ is nice, but I’m sure Von
    saw that as a $10 offering box donation

  6. TheHSdropout says:

    Von Milly 9 Milly

  7. Autumn Rose says:

    Love Von ??

  8. Dollfaceyari says:

    Ellen is like the best human being in the world #EllenforPresident

  9. chrisTHELEGENDkiller says:

    stupid question but what is a mvp ?

  10. Broncos4Ever303 says:

    Von you are a beast.

  11. Shining Star says:

    I was actually hoping for Ellen to bring back Bruno Mars to be on her show
    again after the super bowl like she did 2 years ago. ?

  12. Michelle Talley says:

    I don’t care what nobody says, Ellen is a really generous woman! my uncle
    in law doesn’t watch it cause she’s gay. It doesn’t bother me, never did.
    You have to look at a person’s heart, not their sexual preference.

  13. The softest parf of a woman's breast is? says:

    l Can’t hate this guy but still fuck Denver and fuck the Broncos, Cam
    you’re still the man in my eyes.

  14. Harper Tolle says:

    You should have Yolanda Gampp on your show. She is from the YouTube Chanel
    “How to Cake it”

  15. Saron says:

    he is so cute

  16. Scotty & Danny Bohnen says:

    Awesome! I love this!

  17. Ryan Kim says:

    Wait he just reacted to what Ellen said is he going to get sued by fine

  18. Matt Britzius says:

    von miller is fly af

  19. whereistherealslimshady? says:

    Cam gives kids balls, and Von gives the gift of sight.

  20. Kunden Chumego says:

    That should be cam ???