Super Mario Maker – Checkpoint!

Super Mario Maker – Checkpoint!

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20 Responses

  1. The GameXpand says:

    M-more challenging fly swatter…? NNNOOOOOOOO

  2. masterofthediamondsword says:

    All I wNted
    Exept these:
    Shake a fire flower for an ice flower
    Give a hammer/slege bro a fire flower and it becomes a fire bro and same
    thing with ice flower but makes an ice bro
    And more posts on a level

  3. MechaG2 says:

    WOOHOO!!! This is great! Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

    Can we please get slopes, more baddies, bosses and Super Mario Bros. 2, The
    Lost Levels and Super Mario All-Stars content, too? :)

  4. GS Gaming (Jeff) says:

    YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! It’s about god damn time!

  5. cheezedude99 says:

    How about an update to have mario spin jump on all spiky obstacles when
    playing in the World and New mode? This is still great at least…

  6. Zach Gordon says:

    Still Waiting For Multiplayer

  7. MrSirDrGames says:

    So much yes

  8. Disco Train says:

    So the big question is “Will you be able to have more than one checkpoint
    per level?”

  9. Isak Larsson says:

    This should’ve been included at launch (considering that most of these are
    essential parts of the main Mario series), but it’s good that they finally
    put all of this in.

  10. Shamaar (Neafreax) says:

    Checkpoints should’ve been in the game from the get-go, but better late
    than never I suppose. Now all I want are slopes, lava/poison/water tiles,
    cannon pipes, more enemies, and more themes and I’ll be more golden than
    Pink Gold Peach.

  11. MattCraftDotDerp says:

    I hope the mushroom thing also works with Super Leaves, Capes, and
    Propeller Mushrooms.

  12. Tekken4Life3 says:

    Wait…wait…a MORE challenging version of Gnat Attack? You devious

  13. Justin S says:

    will it ever be possible to disable the white person hand?

  14. Ezra Laguna says:


  15. Daitomodachi says:

    So does that mean 1ups are useful now?

  16. IAN H. (ShOtWiThBLaNks) says:

    I love Nintendo

  17. Dylan Helms says:


  18. TheTrueSplatFan says:

    are the event stages staying forever?

  19. Mobb says:

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  20. Nate the Great says:

    This is the best news I`ve received all day. By FAR.