Supercut: Gretchen Carlson on ‘Fox & Friends’

Supercut: Gretchen Carlson on ‘Fox & Friends’

Some of the things hosts of “Fox & Friends” have said to Gretchen Carlson on the air.

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19 Responses

  1. RandallLConner says:


  2. spectaclereplication says:


  3. John Williams says:


  4. Jodi Morissette says:

    Apparently it’s sexist to compliment a woman on her looks. Give me a break.
    And what does this have to do with the lawsuit she has against Ailes?

  5. Mitchell Wiggs says:

    Hard to feel sorry for someone who would work there in the first place.

  6. chago river says:

    well i see her laughing out loud to the jokes but now that they fire her,
    she finds them offensive? how convenient.

  7. TheSpiritOfTheTimes says:

    LOL, but she’s supposed to take it as a compliment right, perk-up
    sugartits. LOL, fucking American conservatives are among the vilest,
    dumbest people on this planet.

  8. John C. says:

    lol and she worked there for how long? give me a break, no sympathy Gretch.

  9. Ak Coins says:

    They sex motivated pigs Don’t bring your wife to fox studio they may jump
    on her leg

  10. Rene Hache says:

    So painful it’s hard to watch..

  11. D Gee says:

    Wrong with FOX? something isn’t right,this crew always seems so on edge

  12. JQ user says:

    I’m somewhat conflicted. Gretchen had to have known that Fox News was not a
    beacon of progressive thought. After all, appearance seems to be the main
    criterion for Fox when hiring female on-air personalities. Even Greta Van
    Susteren (a notable exception) has remarked several times on the sexist
    comments made by her male colleagues. That said, there is no question that
    the standards of professional conduct were continually breached by her

    Gretchen’s looks and youth (at the time) were the reasons Fox hired her.
    She knew this and continually downplayed her intellect (Stanford – a year
    at Oxford). It was so egregious that Jon Stewart called her on it. At age
    50, Gretchen should not be surprised that an organization that values women
    for their surface attributes, no longer values her.

  13. hanauta3cho says:

    Omg that was painful to watch! Really uncomfortable for her to have to
    laugh at a daily barrage sexist remarks.

  14. CatVomitt says:


  15. mesaeddie says:

    Gretchen with two of the biggest Boobs ever.

  16. Wade Pierson says:

    Is this the way you “conservative” women want to be treated? Is this the
    “Christian” way folks? Good old fashion sexism!

  17. Dare Devil says:

    She doesn’t like being objectified, but participated in the swimsuit
    competition right? She was paid very well, for a long time. And she smiled
    when she cashed those checks. I’m not saying these douchebags aren’t creepy
    and moronic with their banter, but she is 50 years old, they dropped her
    because the pervy white male conservative audience wants a younger skirt to
    peep up.

  18. 1994CPK says:

    Not cool Gretchen, you old sour puss.

  19. Slava Rossiya says:

    She was not angry about this, she was angry about what Roger Ailes said and
    did to her. She liked the compliments just not the belittling from her male
    counterparts and Roger not giving her respect in her professional career
    the way he gave respect to other journalists. This video has nothing to do
    with why she’s suing.