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59 Responses

  1. FahadPlayz says:

    When Jarvis hits his head in the last second 😂😂😂

  2. NxS mihai says:

    Me when i get a crap that runs 90 fps: lets go

    Enzo: oh cool

  3. Matteo dv says:

    Frazier: the dog is barking at the shave of your head jarvis

  4. kevin vargas says:

    Lmfaooooo I’m cryinnnnn Jarvis banged his head and was like wtf 😂

  5. AIR Evolution says:

    Best part 4:03 when you bend a girl over ND all she says is “OMG That’s Crazy”

  6. GENERICS 1 says:

    Addisons brother: gets a 10,000 dollar gaming pc his reaction meh it’s kinda good

    Me: gets a ps4 almost has a heart attack

  7. F3lipe 21 says:

    This is for people who only got banned in fortnite

    Hi Jarvis

  8. M1ST PLAYZ says:

    Jarvis: gets hit in the end.

    Me: Dont worry the heavy sniper is needed and does 126 damage😎

  9. brennan mcnaught says:

    the sound that his head made 😂

  10. FB Rail says:

    Jarvis:im just gonna chiil

    *Addison walks in*

    Jarvis:starts trying to help

  11. Faze_ SpongeBob says:

    When Jarvis hit his head it got more busted

  12. Xsum Diaz says:

    No one:
    Litterly no one:

    Addison: “it’s so hard”. 3:34

  13. mmardzz says:

    Jarvis defo said when they left bro she’s so peng

  14. Hxpe says:

    me trying to win: Almost got ittt
    Jarvis: It’s so haaard

  15. Jordan Moore says:

    Bro I swear Addison is so lucky to meet 2 members in faze and them come to ur house

  16. Retro GamerBoy says:

    Lowkey when Jarvis hits his head at the last second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BANG when Jarvis gets banned Hahahaha lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. GAMMASTAX says:

    Cameraman became a comedian all of the sudden when he was next to addison.

  18. Owen Zwerling says:

    Yo this is like a roast fest for Jarvis.,Lol

  19. Ryan Ramdeo says:

    5:44 “do you have a bathroom”
    Noo she goes in the bush

  20. Linda come and check My latest videos says:

    Jarvis:im just gonna chiil

    Addison walks in

    Jarvis:starts trying to help

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