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34 Responses

  1. B GoAv says:

    Fun Fact we all learned about Alex. He gets nauseous and his head hurts when they surprise him. Reference to this and pregnancy announcement videos😂

  2. Jen C says:

    Leslie: “how do you wanna feel , fireworks in your butt”😂

  3. Sophia P says:

    If your family hadn’t been there, Alex would’ve reacted like he did when you told him you were pregnant!! 😂😂 I love his reaction to gifts! He’s so thankful and excited

  4. Dulce Espinosa says:

    alex : “you’re pregnant” “ i wish” 🥺🥺 andale les quiere mas retoñitos! 😂

  5. Martha Perez says:

    Aww Crystal!! We miss her. She was so proud when she said “thats my tia leslie” ♥️

  6. Alejandraa Martinez says:

    When she’s jus talking about her earrings & Alex says “babe I love you “. 🥺 dude I love to see them like this ! They love each other sooo much & we never get to see the “cheesy , Cute “ side of them ! Off to make baby #2 We see you ! 💕

  7. Daisy Venegas says:

    Lol When she told him she was pregnant he said they same thing “I wanna throw up” “ I have a headache” 😂

  8. Emily’s World says:

    Omg “no es mandilon es un buen pardre!!” 🥺🥺 Leslie you got blessed w/ him! ❤️❤️ you’re the best babymomma I can’t believe how happy he was! He was like a little kid Alex: I wanted to to cry awww love you guys & May god continue to bless you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Vanessa Cortez says:

    When crystal said “that I don’t care” about her brothers.. now that was funny lol

  10. Victoria Diaz says:

    Alex’s reaction is almost like when he found out Leslie was pregnant 😂😂

  11. Marii Reyes says:

    Alex low key wants another baby. Notice how cheesy he got when he said “you’re pregnant “ to Leslie ❤️

  12. Lizbeth Limon says:

    Did anyone notice how big Alex’s smile got when he said “you’re pregnant” ❤️😂 Les aplácalo 😂

    • Jess Living says:

      Lol yess! Ya quiere otro baby! 😂 poor les ella quiere descansar haha

      Small youtuber 🙋💕

  13. Ivonne A says:

    Does anyone know why less makes those funny faces when she’s not talking and someone else talks

    • Elizabeth Martinez says:

      I remember her saying she’s repeating what they’re saying to herself. 😂 (if that’s what you’re talking about?) 😂

  14. Imelda Aurora says:

    I love how Alex gets excited for everything, like you could give him a keychain with his favorite team and he would be like “THIS IS SICK OMG” 😂

  15. Marisol Valle says:

    “I was going to alterarme and get another hour” IF THAT ISNT A MF MOOOD

  16. April Flores says:

    Alex se gano la lotería con les she’s everything you’d want in a woman/baby mama ♥️

  17. Brenda Gonzalez says:

    The way Alex licked his lips when he said “you have too much chi chi showing 😭😭😍😍

  18. Martha Ruiz says:

    Alex: “It’s feels like a regular day. Like a regular Sunday”
    Les: “What do you want to feel” “Fireworks in your butt” 😂😂💀

  19. Stephanie Bustamante says:

    “You were gonna break up with me “ 😂💀 me as a girlfriend 😂

  20. ally medina says:

    Lmao Crystal: “That’s my tia Leslie” 😂😂

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