Surprising My Dad Super Bowl Tickets!!!

Surprising My Dad Super Bowl Tickets!!!

Thanks for SeatGeek for sponsoring the vid. Use code JESSE for $20 off on tix:
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51 Responses

  1. NIREY • says:

    Eagles got a ring before Jeana… boom

  2. Alex Olsson says:

    Please don’t leave YouTube Jesse! 🙏

  3. sleuth 2077 says:

    Everytime Casey takes his friend to the SB the Patriots lose. Jinx confirmed.

  4. Prince499 says:

    Watching the flashbacks of jeese and jeana got me sad af 🙁

    • At Least ITry says:

      I will be honest Jesse looked a lot healthier then now i hate to say this he looks like a drug user lol unhealthy skin tone and way underweight and just the overall look and it is not a change in lifestyle he has always been very active i have thought this before but after not watching him for a while and seeing this video i am kind of worried for him. I hope i am wrong but the signs are there.

    • jack Goff says:

      At Least ITry lol he just cut down that’s it and he lives in la so….

  5. Jocelyn Bybel says:

    0:45 triggered my depRESSION. 💔😭

  6. Mike1120 03 says:

    Was that just me or was that post malone

  7. KF Markan says:

    Plees don’t give up YouTube I can tell you enjoy making videos and editing them tbh you’re probably the best editor on the platform maybe you could do this as a hobby please think about it before you do anything.

  8. x Trippin x says:

    Remeber when Jesse was all about hockey

  9. Abstract Tacticz says:

    Your editing is insane.

  10. Cornflack says:

    3:45 wait wtf thats not just a post malone look-alike, thats literally post malone lol

  11. Yuhee says:

    I love how jesse is spending time with his dad 👍 make more videos often for the sake of adsense and pur entertainment but only if u want too 👍

  12. Med Boumaaz says:

    Morocco <3

  13. Sir Bamboozle says:

    I envy anyone who has such love and passion for a sports team, I wish I had that but i don’t, I enjoy watching football but have never had “a team”

  14. Hashim Malik says:


  15. Minify says:

    3:44 was that post Malone 😁😂😂😂

  16. Hömma says:

    i never saw him that happy

  17. Felipe Restrepo says:

    3:47 you casually see post Malone lol

  18. Adahli Lopez says:

    Seeing jesse and his dad’s reaction to the eagles winning is such heartwarming because it was a nice father and son moment 😊❤

    • theodorepedro says:

      Adahli Lopez yes is a great moment had that moment just taking my two sons too a giants game and seeing them win in person because my dad never did. Had me tearing up✊

  19. Yahya moukatib says:


  20. Terrible Gamer says:

    Is that Post Malone at 3:46?

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