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38 Responses

  1. CEW - Astro says:

    I like it when Brent is being so genrous to all of his friends. I got goosebumps when he helped his friend Mark for paying his rent for 2 months. Wish there are still people that truly exist like Brent. Also I like it when Brent prepared a prom for Ben inside his house. It’s like the first time (well maybe not the first time) I see Brent doing something good for Ben. He is truly very generous with all of his friends. Love ya Brent ❤️

    Ohh prom 2020 thought I didn’t see what was on your description box. 😜

  2. Ruya Riyax says:

    Maybe the moon was blue today?

    Get it?😂 “ Brent “ setting up a < Prom > for LEXI & BEN..!!!

  3. Anushka Atri says:

    He really cares about his sister.
    Edit- Also got jealous.

  4. Chris Rosey says:

    Brent hears about the coronavirus*

    Also Brent:who cares about the coronavirus let’s just stand within 1 foot of my friend

  5. Toca Fluff says:

    Brother: “I hate you”
    Me: “aww I love you”

  6. I'm not a Human says:

    Brent: *We’ll see the talents by staying 6 feet away*
    Brent and Lexi not even 10cm apart
    And also Andrew was near Lexi’s window
    Not at all 6 feet apart
    And BTW who liked Ben getting surprised by Brent

  7. Ipshy says:

    No one:
    * everyone quiet *
    LEXI: shut uppp

  8. Keeley scotcher says:

    Brent: I hate them together
    Also Brent: Let’s make a prom in my living room for them
    Me: Like what !?
    Like if u agree

    • liv moscatti says:

      Keeley scotcher ikr he is sort of mercurial on this I feel like. 🤣
      also btw sorry I don’t wanna be annoying but I’m a tiny baby YouTuber tryna grow and if anybody would check me out I’d be super grateful 🥰 thanks!!

  9. sky Mason says:

    Brent : “I’m bored of this whole quarantine stay inside thing” as he’s outside 😂😂

  10. Dane Gab Sumintac says:

    Lexi and Brent : whats your talent??
    Other Lexi: ima eat popcorn
    Lexi: 7 POITNS

  11. Dane Gab Sumintac says:

    Lexi and Brent: So Ben whats your talent
    Ben: *doing the throw it back*
    Lexi: 10

  12. Zahur Kausar says:

    Mark and Brent: aww but we cant hug
    Ben and Brent: hug it out
    Me: wait what

  13. MochiPan_Dove says:

    “Oh no the cupcakes”
    -R.I.P the cupcakes 2020 brent

  14. Mochi_strawberry :3 says:

    Brent: “i feel pretty bored”

    Thousands of other people
    Watching feeling the exact same way

    Me: ” your not the only person brent XDD

  15. Maham Omar says:

    You know Brent is actually bored when he does something nice for Ben and Lexi

  16. Marzbar28 says:

    Brent: “Rahh!”
    His Mom: “Ahh, my gosh!”
    Brent: “Hahaha”
    His Mom: “It’s not funny!”
    Brent: “Hahahaha
    Idk why but I love Brents laugh. 😂

  17. Sachi Singh says:

    Brent is such a good brother, wish I could have a brother like him

  18. #lex squad says:

    Brent be like : this sucks in quarantine ok let’s give Lexi and Ben a prom and party

    Me : I had a party last night in my kitchen with my parents and sibilings

  19. Fri di says:

    Aww Brent is such a nice person… secretly he doesn’t care who Lexi dates, he just wants her to be happy!! ❤️

  20. Tidus PlayZ says:

    No One:
    Literally No One:
    Not Even A Single Soul:
    *Lexi when something nice or weird happens to her: shUT uP*

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