Survive the Slippery Stairs!!

Survive the Slippery Stairs!!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we scale up a pyramid covered with soap to make it slippery! We have a bunch of challenges for our two teams like tag, protect the president, and keep away! Let us know down below what we can do next!

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55 Responses

  1. Evelyn Hernandez says:

    Hi guys I love team edge can you guy do Marco and pollo blind folded or mafia town or hide and seek

    Plz like if you agree, I subscribed and like every video

  2. ScopeShot says:

    Wassup random finger silently scrollin through this comment section,

    have a fantastic rest of your day!

    Love from a small content creator 🙂

  3. Mali Maeker says:

    I love all of the ‘Slippery’ videos?? they always make my day better!!

  4. Intensifying says:

    I remember when you guys weren’t even at 1 million subscribers yet, it’s so amazing to see how far the channel has come..

  5. Curious Kitten says:

    I wonder how they come up with these challenges ? however they do it it’s awesome ?

  6. DesemerSixth says:

    I think this is the first time that there is 5 people in one team edge video.

  7. Mya Bryant says:

    I’m surprised y’all didn’t die on that?

  8. LilGoose Gaming says:

    Remember when Matthias was on Team Edge at HI5 studios

  9. AdrienNoirAgreste says:

    Bobby: please, no complaints in the comment section
    Me: umm, isn’t that dangerous?
    Bobby: what did you say??
    Me: *And I oop-*

  10. Savanna Seal says:

    Oof I see a concussion in the near future of this video

  11. Nia Campbell says:

    Bobby wished his big mike was a candy floss????
    I’ve Liked
    Shared and

  12. Dre Deese says:

    Who else wants to hang out with Team Edge and do their challenges too ???

    ??if u relate

  13. Aaron Burgos says:

    Team Edge can you do a Slippery Maze, PLZ!

  14. Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    Bobby: please, no complaints in the comment section
    Me: umm, isn’t that dangerous?
    Bobby: what did you say??

  15. Daniel Dionne says:

    Team Edge:

    Who’s team do you want to be on?


    Uh, not Joey’s ….

  16. Katherine Wu says:

    I love all the slippery videos,it’s so funny ?

  17. Tavis Lemmer says:

    I love u guys I have watch 6 year now

  18. Shannon Feribee says:

    There’s a Korean variety show called running man I think it would be funny to see you guys do a version of that

  19. Panda Creations says:

    Yassss who else loves the slippery series?????

  20. James Vallin says:

    Who else thought Bobby looked gangster af ??

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