Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

We switched lives with Jeffree Star…. We live complete opposite lifestyles

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Last Week’s Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnRnM_9Xn-0

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41 Responses

  1. Flo says:

    Why do they look like they’re from the movie White Chicks ??

  2. Kamryn Parham says:

    oo i bet james is pissed..
    but on the other hand i love this video sm?????

  3. Ari Lopez says:

    When the twins were entering Jeffree’s studio, it felt like they were two Pokémon trainers entering the secret base of a super stylish crime group like Team Star, or something.

  4. Nick Brock says:

    The salesman towards the end is WORKING for that commission

  5. Divya Nair says:

    Gray: “if it’s not cookie in the morning what is it?”

    Jeffree: “depression”

    Me: mood

  6. Alejandra Correa says:

    Jeffree: “CATCH BRO”
    Ethan&Grayson: screaming***
    Jeffree:psycho laugh **

  7. Kayla huynh101 says:

    they both look so good wtf, i look so ugly when i wear dresses.

  8. Kaci Hill says:

    I can’t even afford the tax that comes with the things Jeffree buys

  9. Lindy says:

    It’s not a Dolan twins video without Ethan talking about how he can’t have dairy

  10. emma nicole says:

    i love seeing these two straight men be comfortable enough in their masculinity to wear a dress and wigs and makeup and not be weird about it. it’s honestly so refreshing.

  11. Haley Jane says:

    What in the White Chicks fever dream did I just watch?! ?? YAS!

  12. aweckshus says:

    Jeffree Star is like an alien showing off all its favorite things about american culture. pinball machines, McDonald’s, redbull

  13. El Row says:

    The twins constantly: NO DAIRY or I will diee
    Jeffree: ?

  14. Skwinny says:

    Jefree” its almost $300,000
    Also jefree* cAtCh BrO


  15. michaela rose says:

    ?? (im a small youtuber tryna make some friends ?)

  16. Aub D says:

    Jeffree: *throws $300,000 bag*
    Ethan: *barely catches it*
    Jeffree: *dies of laughter*

  17. Matija says:

    Love how we went through a whole video and they didn’t get sexually harassed once by Jeffree…..

  18. Lily says:

    They look like handsome squidward before they get the wig on.

  19. afnan says:

    jeffree: “oh it’s a cheap one, around 20,000”

    Ethan: ? ?

  20. Lorena Ridley says:

    Jeffree spending more than I paid for 4 YEARS of college in 2 seconds…

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