T.I. Interview With Dj Whoo Kid – Says Travis Scott Is “Iggy Azalea In A Black Man’s Body”

T.I. Interview With Dj Whoo Kid – Says Travis Scott Is “Iggy Azalea In A Black Man’s Body”

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20 Responses

  1. kidrager3 says:

    lol fuck you say. travis scott is kid cudi on pcp and shrooms. fuck iggy

  2. KontryBoy706 says:

    That would mean he can’t rap worth shit but think he’s the best in the
    world and is over sensitive and let’s social media run him in a corner and
    cry. I don’t think that’s him bruh.

  3. Shamal Woodyard says:

    Tip actually knows Travis…and he says hes difficult like iggy and its
    Hella funny to watch a bunch of dudes who never met travis at all to get
    mad at the comparison in attitude lol smh stans

  4. L-Dog The Great says:

    I know he is talking about there attitudes but I really wish he would stop
    comparing Travis Scott to Iggy Azalea!!! Like Fr Fr ….like 4Example
    Travis will say “Fuck CNN they don’t want to see us Win” an T.i probably
    call him be4 the song came out an said u can’t put that in a Song but
    Travis did it anyway…But I DON’T SEE IGGY EVER saying something like that
    AT ALL! for any cause or belief!

  5. Greg Potter says:

    T.I is a FBI Confidential Informant…so

  6. Detreyous Matlock says:

    This is the interview summed up

    T.i.- Now listen here Patna. First of all, we must internalize the
    ‘flatulation’ of the matter by transmitting the effervescence of the
    ‘Indianisian’ proximity in order to further segregate the crux of my
    venereal infection. Now, if I may retain my liquids here for one moment.
    I’d like to continue the ‘redundance’ of my quote, unquote ‘intestinal
    tract’, you see because to preclude on the issue of world domination would
    only circumvent – excuse me, circumcise the revelation that reflects the
    ‘Afro-disiatic’ symptoms which now perpetrates the Jheri Curis activation.
    Allow me to expose my colon once again. The ramification inflicted on the
    incision placed within the Fallopian cavities serves to be holistic taken
    from the Latin word ‘jalapeno’.

    Dj Whookid- Word

  7. Dom Flores says:

    Travis Scott is a really good rapper

  8. Emma Little says:

    I didn’t know how great TI actually is until I saw this Omf he’s real
    afffff & himself, honest, positive & funny!!! WTF I had no clue he was so
    real omffff!!! mad at myself for not noticing this until now??

  9. mickey Willis says:

    He didnt disrespect travis or la flame… He just basically said he’s hard
    to work wirh

  10. Kenley Polanco says:

    Guys he said hes iggy in a black mans body because the same thing happened
    between him and iggy where he got into a fight with her and was like you
    know wat im never gunna speak to her again. But they did end up speaking
    again… come on now

  11. Mr. Richardson says:

    t.i got girl arms

  12. Ammo Pack says:

    TI was just drunk like any other ATL nigga u can tell how he’s talking he
    is just drunk by the looks of it. but the travis comment people took it the
    wrong way im here from twitter hashtag people took the comment wrong.

  13. kuwait85 says:

    Comparing Travis Scott to iggy???
    Donald trump has good points ??

    This T I dude an idiot

  14. QueenKeesh says:

    Clifford, I love you. But you really can’t say that because she is a woman
    that she cannot be president because of your emotions. As a WOMAN, I am
    FULLY aware of my emotions and where and when I need to check them….

  15. ar ramirez says:

    Everything ipZyy said is 100 % true

  16. Tino Miller says:

    This interview was interesting… But I do not have any argument over his
    thoughts comparing Travis with Iggy at all… He knows both of them best.

  17. Josh Clements says:

    If the media is gonna call Tip sexist for this, say Whoo Kid too because he
    definitely cosigned it lol

  18. phyllis740 says:

    Has this negro ever read a history book. Dumb ass.

  19. Adrian Michael says:


  20. Troll And Roll says:

    1 reason for Shari law would be to get rid of these but fucks