T.I. Talks Issues w/ Iggy Azalea, ATL 2 + Dodges Drake & Meek Mill Beef!

T.I. Talks Issues w/ Iggy Azalea, ATL 2 + Dodges Drake & Meek Mill Beef!

T.I. sits down with Ebro in the Morning and talks Fall Out with Iggy Azalea, Azalea Banks Beef, Drake vs Meek, Family Hustle, ATL 2 New Music and more!
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20 Responses

  1. Joakin “MCGamerzism” Clary says:

    LMAO everyone saying Iggy’s career is done is stupid. Tabloids still
    talking about her and shit like that = people still interested in her.
    Watch her new album come around in 2016, y’all are so brainless.

  2. Bearded Forever says:

    Oh my god, oh my god,
    I’m pee’d on.

  3. dc detailing says:

    yea poor, poor, ziggy go go gone, I mean please go and don’t freaking come

  4. kyle day says:

    Live love liyah

  5. John highpeak says:

    if you are wondering about the ti iggy beef this interview is shit and a
    waist of time. those assholes spoke in ebonics the entire time and answered
    no questions about iggy fuck it .

  6. Taphophilia says:

    Because she’s already become a burn-out 🙂 Bye Iggy.. NEXT!

  7. GamerGee says:

    Pass by 1.)

  8. bziegler420 says:

    +Marc NY The fact that they are still milking that shit with every new
    interview, even after 2 months is kinda lame

  9. GamerGee says:


    Pass By 2.)

  10. zcizzorhandz says:

    Drake getting peed on isn’t a speculation it’s confirmed,
    Drake getting hit by Diddy = confirmed,
    My god if Drake was dark skin none of this would be a question. Tired of
    this foolishness

  11. Omar Zap says:

    Fuck the falcons su :,( 

  12. Morgan Simon says:

    Aaliyah has influenced the likes of Sveyn Streeter, Zendaya Drake, Solange
    and a few others. But most of the artist that I named to have out of this
    world voices or dancing talent.

  13. BDSandM says:

    People only dislike Iggy because she’s white. Not because she’s not

  14. Anthony Francis says:

    Lmao Tip just passed that Drake vs Meek shit up hahaha. Smooth as hell.
    Props Tip!!

  15. kittybookitty says:

    TI is a bonafide businessman. love it.

  16. codeinecrvzy says:

    We need a G.D.O.D. 3 with more production from Travi$ Scott

  17. Carmen M. says:

    Raps not an all black industry.

  18. Marc NY says:

    Actually KRS One started the book….

  19. Harry Balls says:

    “Upon further consideration i have decided to terminate my strenuous yet
    lucrative relationship with Iggy Azalea.” -T.I.

  20. Noel Boldwin says:

    I don’t know why u guys are gagging on iggy when u all support rappers that
    put down black women and talk about the same crap different beat all of
    that is trash but u guys support it same trash different color