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Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primers have a new look with the same amazing formula. Each primer helps address a skin need such as helping reduce oily skin, minimize pores, hydrate skin and more to make sure your makeup lasts longer and looks great throughout the day. I LOVE the Reduce Redness Primer. Check out their full line-up below! @SmashboxCosmetics #SmashboxPrimer #SmashboxAmbassador

Smashbox Photo Finish Primers:

Photo Finish Reduce Redness Primer:

My top:

Self tanner I use:
Loving tan in Ultra Dark-

My Online Clothing Boutique:
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat: RosieDazeBtq

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Self Tanner I Use:
Loving Tan self tanner in dark – Use “casey” for a free gift

Products Mentioned:
Erno lazlo eye mask
Dior no rinse cleanser
Sigma eyeshadow primer base in persuade
Rude cosmetics 35 eyeshadow palette- book 3
Smashbox primer water in so chill coconut
Smashbox photo finish reduce redness primer
Jouer essential high coverage foundation in honey beige
KKW concealer in #6
Palladio rice powder
Catrice sun lover glow bronzing powder in sun kissed bronze
Palladio baked bronzer in pacific tan
Benefit hoola bronzer
Benefit gold rush blush
Palladio matte blush in chic
KKW brightening powder in #2 & #3
NYX born to glow highlighter palette
Covergirl brow pencils in honey brown and soft blonde
Palladio brow styler tinted gel in light medium
Lashes are Ardell double up whispies
Col lab lip liner in
Tarte h20 gloss in sundress

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate & Coupon codes are affiliate. Thank you to smashbox for partnering with me on today’s video!

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43 Responses

  1. Thameenah Kennedy- Miller says:

    Coming through with the uploads!!! 💕💕💕🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Thanks babe! I’ve missed you! & you’ve been one of my favorite YouTubers forever now!!!

    Love you 🤟🏽♥️

  2. Cari Allen says:

    I have finals tomorrow but Casey uploaded🤷🏽‍♀️ #priorities

  3. Julie Camille says:

    Your hair always looks SO gorgeous!! Your skin is looking incredible too 💕

  4. Taylor George says:

    Love that you told us what you prepped your skin with before the makeup!!

  5. jennybeYOUty says:

    Your undereyes looked SO BRIGHT after you took off the mask! 😍 Your skin looks amazing btw, your skincare is doing some work on your roseca.

  6. Cody Whitlock says:

    You look better in every video 🙌 stop being so perfect 😋😂

    • lovingglam says:

      Cody Whitlock Absolutely no one is perfect and it’s dangerous to “label” anyone even remotely close to it.

    • Haley Lacroix says:

      lovingglam 👏🏻

    • Amber Harding says:

      wow it is a nice compliment and I just don’t get why people feel the need to pick every word apart of a comment in a thread and just always have something negative to say! Like really? Calm down people! He’s not a creep and he’s also not labeling her as anything just because he said stop being so perfect! If he thinks she is HIS VERSION of perfect he can voice that! DAMN! It actually just makes you ladies look like major HATERS

    • Haley Lacroix says:

      Amber Harding well that’s cool hun. It may look that way but pretttyyyy sure I’m ride or die for Casey and her channel. Bye 🖕🏻

    • Amber Harding says:

      ummmm can you please point out ANYWHERE in my comment where I said anything about anyone not being “ride or die” for Casey or her channel??? Yea I didn’t think so. What I think is funny is how YOU were the first to take offense to my comment…shows a lot about you.

  7. jennybeYOUty says:

    *sips margarita and watches my fav girl*

  8. Allison Evans says:

    Your rosacea looks so good today! Beautiful as always. Loving your palladio collab! Origins is one of my favorite skincare brands. Been using it since I was a teenager, although it’s a bit out of my broke student price range for now

  9. Molly Nicole XO says:

    Your hair color seriously gives me life. I’m obsessed. 😍🙌🏼

  10. Amber Nicole says:

    Golden highlighted goddess ✨✨✨

  11. Anushka Lalla says:

    When the sponge starts cracking that means it’s getting old…you should probably change it…i normally change mine when it starts breaking

    • amkurthy says:

      Anushka Lalla that’s what I thought too, but I recently had an ecotools one that cracked on day one 😭 what the heck!!

    • Anushka Lalla says:

      amkurthy wth!!! So soon!! Probably a bad one 😔😔😔

    • AccioStethoscope says:

      I have that same big ass sponge, and I noticed a crack right before I went to use it for the second time. I think it’s just crap quality 🙁 RT needs to step it up.

  12. Alexis Branscom says:

    Idk why but this video is giving me such throwback Casey vibes! Like the first videos at your old house! ❤️

  13. Appletontobe says:

    Who else loves Casey? 💕👏🏼

  14. Alternative M U A says:

    Casey idk what you’ve been using recently but your skin is looking sooooo good

  15. 珠珠 Judi says:

    you’re posting so much!!!

  16. Angie RN says:

    I’ve never had to deal with acne on my back, however, I’m a hairy girl. Not the absolute hairiest but I do have fine darker hair running down the middle of my back and it prevents me from wearing my hair up with a backless or strapless top. I also shave my face using eyebrow razors, which I don’t mind because i love how smooth it makes my skin for makeup. Hairy girls will know what I’m talking about LOL

  17. Gabrielaa Castruita says:

    I really liked the palette color scheme , it sucks the quality wasn’t the greatest 😏 keep us updated on it, please.

  18. Brittany Moran says:

    Love the glossy lips look on you but I totally understand what you mean. I’m 100% a matte lip kinda girl. Gloss just gets everywhere! 😅 Btw your skin is looking so good lately 😍

  19. Carol Chimirri says:

    I noticed as soon as I clicked that your rosacea is way toned down in this video 😱WHAT ARE YOU USING?? Friends dont keep secrets 🙄😂

    • Madisyn Lynne says:

      Carol Chimirri she said she went to a dermatologist who gave her a cream or something like that for it.

    • lilnana68 says:

      That was for her back acne

    • Madisyn Lynne says:

      lilnana68 I wasn’t referring to when she mentioned it in this video. She had said something in her stories on IG or something about getting something for it from her derm.

    • lilnana68 says:

      Madisyn Lynne oh okay thought u were talking about this vid.

    • Meow k says:

      In a previous video she mentioned that she went to the dermatologist for her rosacea and while she was there she also got something prescribed for her acne. 🙂

  20. Rox R says:

    Your lips hv never looked better!!!! That gloss transformed your lips ! Wow!!! Loving your darker hair, too! Gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear your recommendations for self tanners!

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