Talkin’ Football | JEOPARDY!

Talkin’ Football | JEOPARDY!

Our contestants know a lot, but sometimes they fumble for the correct response.

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JEOPARDY! provides a test of knowledge across a variety of interesting subjects such as literature, history, science, the arts, and pop culture.

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JEOPARDY!, America’s Favorite Quiz Show®, and its host, Alex Trebek, began their 34th season in syndication on September 11, 2017. With 23 million viewers each week, JEOPARDY! is the top-rated quiz show on television, and has won many awards and distinctions over the course of its 30+ years on the air, including the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Game Show. The show holds a Guinness World Records® record for the most Emmy® Awards won by a TV game show (34 Emmys). In 2014, JEOPARDY! won the inaugural Writers Guild of America award for Outstanding Writing for a Quiz and Audience Participation Show; it is also the recipient of a 2011 Peabody Award. JEOPARDY! is produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company; it is distributed domestically by CBS Television Distribution and internationally by CBS Television International, both units of CBS Corp.

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57 Responses

  1. Mitchell Hang says:

    “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?”

  2. Houston Crawford says:

    I would have made a cool 3k right there. Smh lol

  3. Ed Gar says:

    Who are the three most unamerican americans?

    • Jonathan Yaghoubi says:

      The Super bowl is the most watched TV event every year. So yeah knowing a little about football wouldn’t be so bad

    • Donnie Castillo says:

      Who are people who didn’t understand this joke?

    • Eric C says:

      Jonathan Yaghoubi wrong. Champions league final, the biggest pga tournaments and other non American things dwarf the super bowl. I’m American and you make me feel dumb. Wow.

    • Tristan The Man says:

      No, kay jay, because when the wheelchair bound Nam vets came back in the early sixties, we called them baby killers and inhuman freaks. I’m not anti dumb stuff like most american’s but I really think we are the most boring country ever

    • Tristan The Man says:

      Lol no, Jonathan Yaghoubi, the Overwatch League has surpassed last year’s viewing

  4. scott h says:

    NERDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Todd McDonald says:

    Next nominee for’s Top 10 New JEOPARY fails of all time

  6. Zizi Mugen says:

    Nerds don’t know about football because it’s such a damn stupid and senseless game that has more rules than all governing documents of North America combined, including state documents, and because being able to throw one’s body against another’s does not lead to human progress while education and intellectual skills do, but are paid significantly less in order to progress humanity. Society would rather pay millions upon billions per year to watch 22 men play a 1-hour-timed game that lasts 4+ hours and is the exact same thing ever play. It’s a ridiculous sport, its coaches and players are worshiped like gods, and not a single fan can tell me a reason why football is better than any other sport, for any reason at all that is unique to football and makes sense.

    • Zizi Mugen says:

      Heinrich, do you think I even wanted to be on a football team in the first place? Was I born thinking that being on a football team was the pinacle of human achievement? What resentment do you mean? I don’t like football, and nobody has ever told me anything appealing about it that another sport doesn’t have in a more tangible way to the audience and the players. Football is just stupid. Everything about it. If you don’t believe me, tell me why it’s great. Make sure you don’t give me a reason that I can show is stronger in another sport or other daily activities.

      Natasi, if you don’t feel like telling me why football is great, you don’t feel great enough about how great it is to actually think there’s something great enough about football to share with others.

      Patrick Ryan, one of my hobbies is to fire-dance. Another is to go mountain-climbing. Come at me, bro.
      Sure, people can have different tastes. I’m trying to specifically NOT call out football fans for being stupid, but football itself. However, fans who worship players and coaches so hard that players and coaches cannot commit a crime is indeed stupid.

      Andrew, most people don’t get triggered by football. But it has saturated my life since I was a child. I mean, if other people liked cole slaw, and you knew that cole slaw has no redeeming qualities about it, but every single day, on radio, tv, internet, friends, family, etc., you have to hear about what this slice of cabbage or that volume of vinegar did, or what the latest cole slaw technology is, etc.

      Proud American, this is sketchy. I mean, who am I to say that something done with the intention to not make enemies and changing one’s life for the better is bad? Not a chance, I’ve got nothing on that. People knit, groom dogs, build computers, etc. to change their lives for the better, and that’s cool. If the method doesn’t hurt someone without consent, fine. But like you said, which I initially said, my challenge was for something that can’t be pinned to any other sport.
      You watch the game to escape real life, but people do this with games, books, hiking, etc. That’s not specific to football. People watch hockey as well to escape real life. I’m not knocking your reason for enjoying football, but it’s not an exclusive reason for liking football.
      They make millions because of government subsidizing, ad revenue, and ticket sales. Our tax dollars actually put up stadiums, and you’re told to buy sh*t you don’t need during commercials. Now, a scientist who figures out how to use orientied rutile rods for better electrical transfer on solar cells might get a small chunk of a payday that can pay a year’s bills while helping society to move toward zero-waste.
      Which do you think is better for society? Paying coaches and players who just spend it on expensive toys and houses? Or investing in scientists and researchers who are actually preventing football players from killing themselves by developing better shock-absorbing pads, who engineer more cost-efficient stadium lighting, who develop lasers that can fix vision…
      We’re paying the wrong people the wrong amounts. Sure, pay coaches and players decently, but shit, don’t pay players the total salaries of 30 scientists who develop all of the technology that this player is using. Hell, make the player pay the scientists and engineers for developing all of it.
      As for athleticism, they aren’t smart. They’re strategic, but not smart. Not like, doctorate smart. It takes a certain mindset to say, “We start here, we need to get here, and here’s all the mess that can happen in between that we need to get around.” Strategy is respectable, but not exclusive to football. Neither are the other physical traits.

      Zlatan, I generally don’t like sports, but in soccer, the clock is ticking more than it’s not. I can actually take a few hours in the afternoon to watch a soccer game. I have to clear out the afternoon and evening to watch football because they stop the damn clock every time the damn ball stops moving.

      And my mic just dropped, so I’m backing out of this thread. Peace, guys. If you like sports, cool. Don’t force others to like sports. If they don’t like it, let it be. But if you think that football has any exclusive reason to like it, please tell me. I probably still won’t like football, but I like to be able to respect the things I don’t enjoy.

    • Patrick Ryan says:

      Zizi Mugen so you speak for all scientists? No scientists like sports? It’s amazing how some people can be so smart in some fields , yet absolutely clueless in others.

    • AwesomeGuy says:

      Patrick Ryan yeah but part of his argument against it was all the money that goes to it, and how everyone practically worships and idolizes the players and coaches

    • Mary Hendron says:

      Zizi Mugen I don’t enjoy you. But I respect your right not to like football. Why don’t you respect other’s rights to like it? It’s very small minded.

    • Tristan The Man says:

      Yo, Proud American, you forgot that almost 75% of the players title for bankruptcy because they can’t do the right maths on how many dollars hookers need to take

  7. Jedidiah Elias says:

    Me, during any class:

  8. Important BusinessCat says:

    I love how fast this comment section devolved into an anthem kneeling debate

  9. Jeff Monette says:

    They’re smart enough not to waste money jus for the sake of guessing…

  10. William Walker says:

    Watched this last night. Hilarious! Glad I’m not the only one who knows absolutely nothing about football.

  11. Wien says:

    The Buffalo Wild Wing contingent has finally found an area of (tangentially connected) intellectualism that they can now lord over the bookish nerds of the world.

  12. Nomon Munir says:

    i actually didnt know those clues either :/

  13. J Rod says:

    Damn that felt good.

  14. blackyoshi1230 says:

    Jeopardy’s Twitter: “Our contestants answered as many clues in this category as the @Browns had wins this season.”

    Holy crap.

  15. xGreninja says:

    Was anyone else thinking those were really hard questions???

  16. James Burgess says:

    Well, I’ve would’ve got an easy $3,000…. and nothing else on the board.

  17. ExplosionChimp says:

    If you’re smart enough to be on Jeopardy, chances are you don’t waste your time watching sports.

    • Charles Coryell says:

      ExplosionChimp that’s a stereotype. People don’t become smart by not watching sports and people don’t devolve into chimps (like your profile pic) if they watch sports. People can do what they wish with their time.

    • Alex gaming says:

      Charles Coryell

      Where did that come from

  18. Top 10 says:

    Lewis, Gilbert, and Poindexter.

  19. King Kodjo says:

    These are the people who actually use their brains. Lol

  20. prxnxv says:

    alex trebek is the best

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