Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world.
The 2019 Gates Annual Letter:
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71 Responses

  1. ashok ravi says:

    I really don’t understand YouTube’s trending logic. In my opinion, this should be one of the top ten!

  2. Sub Scribe says:

    MKBHD you the GOAT man fr fr…????????

  3. Etan Chamare says:

    It’s amazing how much respect you’ve gained outside of just YouTube. Tech companies take your smartphone awards seriously, and you’re getting some great opportunities to interview big names in tech. Great job man!

  4. Kenny Ramasawmy says:

    Well I watched MKBHD for some years, still remember when he was small.
    Seeing him at this level today, damn am proud of him ?

  5. MLGFearlessGamer says:

    If only Bill Gates could host meme review

  6. Jay & Rengin says:

    Never been more proud of someone I’ve never met before; nice one Marques!

  7. Gabriel Larsson says:

    For some reason, after only seeing pictures of this guy, seeing him talk like a normal human being was surprising to me. Like he’s worth more than serveral countries, but he talks like my neighbor. I don’t know what I expected honestly, but still…

  8. Peter Wood says:

    Awesome MKB!
    That’s the closest we’ll get to sitting around the table with BG and talking big. He’s definitely an inspiration. Now we’ve got to get out there and volunteer for something and give (even if it’s a buck) to some org. doing good things. You’ll be sitting on the other side of that table some day bro!

  9. MageThief says:

    Oboy, Bill Gates of all of the people, way to go there Marques!!!
    I wished it was much longer, could have easily watch an hour of this.

  10. TheMeconnect says:

    This is off topic but, who has dark theme on????

  11. FBI says:

    This man is a captain of industry! ?

  12. Michael Kemper says:

    Man, I absolutely love how you are cropping to a wider aspect ratio. Looks extremely crispy on my s8.

  13. d1gBR says:

    And we thought he peaked with Elon Musk…

  14. Cookiemabster says:

    Next Mark Ass Brownie is gonna talk to the president of Mars

  15. Tenno Tensei says:

    Evidence that YouTube trending is broken. This should be #1 on the chart.

  16. YashParmar says:

    Marques is a boss wearing a Apple watch while interviewing Bill ??

  17. Viendettaxsi says:

    10 years ago a little kid making videos in his room now talking with bill gates

    • Steven Shawa says:

      What’s really interesting to see is that if you go to most successful YouTuber’s channels, their first few dozen videos barely break 1k views. The success comes from persistence and consistency. Millions of kids think they could be a youtube star but give up when their first video only gets 20 views.

    • Ajay Ramachandran says:

      @Steven Shawa: You are falling for survivorship bias

    • Pofurg says:

      +Ajay Ramachandran true, lots of people tend to overlook the thousands of folks who put in their best effort but still can’t make a breakthrough. capturing mass attention is tricky

  18. MojoGrip says:

    I’ve never seen Marques nervous, but I could tell you were a bit nervous in this one man. But it only makes it more real, and why I’ve always loved watching your videos. All the tech heads out here appreciate all your work.

  19. Mack V says:

    Damn Marques really has come far!

  20. Mack V says:

    Bill Gates always said he never wanted to give his kids money, so they can learn to earn themselves.

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