Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.

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70 Responses

  1. SUNNDROPNN says:

    Awww you came to my work! I would have been way more excited to see you than him! Lol Fun fact: I used to dance in that room during my break before it became restricted and turned into an interview room πŸ˜…

  2. Hamzah Khan says:

    Most awesome video on this channel ever☺☺😍😍😍

  3. marvDE says:

    “Undefeated in stop light races” πŸ˜€

  4. Mr.RandoM says:

    I’m proud of your dream coming true.

  5. DonV says:

    My first car needs to be a Tesla

    • Joshua Chong says:

      That is a dumb goal lol

    • DonV says:

      Joshua Chong my first goal is to be financially independent and to be able to help my family, nothing wrong with having goals, I know that there’s a big chance it won’t happen, but it doesn’t mean the goal is stupid…

    • HECTICZzZoG says:

      Anthony Rubbertoe i spent 25k on my first car lol

    • Jonah Potts says:

      If u get a Tesla as ur first car ur spoiled and rich. My first car was a $7,000 2008 Toyota Highlander that I had to pay for. Good luck!

    • Pikminmj9 says:

      DonV only issue is that most people need a car to drive to work and start earning that kind of money for a tesla. Although you live in Europe and I know many people who don’t even have a lisence in Europe. Many places in America a bike will get u nowhere and our public transportation is virtually nonexistent in many areas. Everything is so spread apart when compared to Europe.

  6. Simon Patterson says:

    Fascinating! I’d never heard him speak before and don’t really know much about him. I’m intrigued that he spends so much time on the technical aspects of his business. I didn’t expect that.

    • Unknown Soldier says:

      Well he’s an actual designer at both SpaceX and Tesla, so he has to know. And a fun fact: he designed the now-iconic Tesla headlights and he co-designed the Tesla door handles.

    • Simon Patterson says:

      Unknown Soldier most technically minded people who lead or are directors of companies no longer have time to be involved in the technical nitty gritty. Their time is taken up making high level business decisions and developing business relationships.

      So my surprise is not based on any doubt of his technical ability or know-how. It is based on my understanding that organisations need their leaders to take time to make many high level non-technical business decisions and to build business relationships. How does he manage that, when so much of his time is spent on the technical aspects of his operation?

  7. Mark Shepard says:

    As an Elon Musk “watcher” I have to say this is the best interview I’ve seen. Because you are NOT just some ignorant journalist who “got assigned” the story. YOU asked INTELLIGENT questions and then let the man talk. Fabulous! (Found you through Peter McKinnon FYI.)

  8. Henry Ijeoma says:

    He stutters, just like me! That’s means I’m gonna be a billionaire just like him 😊

  9. areeb1296 says:

    When some says Avengers Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever….

  10. Nadil says:

    In few moments he seems so confused ,answer me seconds of that , like 17:09

    • jarell norris says:

      Nadil I’ve watched a lot of interviews of him I think it’s partly because his brain is very active that forming a simple answer is hard. To me I think he wants to explain something in multiple ways and see different views

    • Ilham Hamzah says:

      Some people are gifted socially their words are strong to influence people easily, some are gifted with brain that can create things that make life easier but cannot talk properly. This prove he is human not some OpenAI

    • NeUtRoN-gaming says:

      Maybe he has so many thoughts that he stutters sometimes cuz he is a genius and so his brain is really anyone I guess

    • TheGkmasta says:

      He is under fire for his recent Tweet about privatization and has been struggling to keep the company financed. He’s being careful with his words because an error could have ripple effects in the market. He needs to balance the truth with protecting trade and strategy secrets and maintaining Tesla’s image. You would stumble too if you had to make all those calculations off the cuff.

    • Eduardo NazΓ‘rio says:

      That’s what always happens with me usually cause I have 0 social skills and I’m thinking off stuff in the background

  11. Øm Prakash Sahøø says:

    Marques played it cool but… he was definitely freaked out in his mind

  12. Mahesh Walatara says:

    Overclock your car. Wow that’s a first.

  13. acouturi7 says:

    It feels good to see Elon get interviewed by a smart, real guy who is supportive of what he’s doing. It was probably a huge breath of fresh air after dealing with so much mainstream media that just wants to try to stifle and demonize him because they hate change.

  14. Jakeboy Smith says:

    Elon speaks a lot better now, it sounds like he’s had training to help with the stuttering, he’s a lot more confident

  15. QuixoticQuaver says:

    I wonder how many Tesla’s were sold thanks to this video?

  16. Itz500Time says:

    2 africans talking about tech this is epic

  17. Partho Sen says:

    Most manually productive CEO ever…

  18. HyperChange TV says:

    great interview! awesome to see Elon on YouTube! hope to see him come on more channels πŸ˜‰

  19. Haas says:

    Nerds rule the world!

  20. Hello says:

    This is cool. Great video.

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