Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

Tamar Braxton dishes about her love life and the new season of “Braxton Family Values”.

Then, she tells us about her tour, “Welcome To The Dungeon” with Kandi Burruss, Trina, and more!
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95 Responses

  1. Jeremy Wyche says:

    Tamar get back in the studio Ma. Don’t waste your gift.

  2. Mama & I says:

    I like u Wendy but we don’t eat crickets in Nigeria n Africa is not a country. Ya’all need to be specific. Be enlighten ?

    • Sandi maz says:

      Ayo Shittu That’s unfortunate that you would paint a brush about an entire race of people due to one individual !

    • Sandi maz says:

      Ayo Shittu You guys are seen less than educated allowing other countries and continents to steal Africa’s wealth! Big dummies!

    • Ifunanya esther says:

      Lol that’s is funny cos have never eaten cricket in my life. And am a Nigerian, leaved in Nigeria all my life, and still leaving in Nigeria

    • Ben P says:

      Yes you do eat crickets and live in mud huts, negro. Know your fucking place.

    • D M says:

      I am happy you said that because I am sick of people thinking that third world countries and other countries outside of the US has little or no civilization.

  3. Fraud Exposer says:

    This looks like the Kim K new outfit thing. She came out with. Lisa rinna had one on today , on her instagram stories. Check it out !!!

  4. Wonderful World says:

    Wendy if you’ve never been to Africa you should go visit Africa. Africa is beautiful with beautiful people ❤️

    • Kyla kid says:

      I haven’t been but when tv show the beautiful parts of Africa (which is extremely rare) I do find it breath taking. From some people that have visited they say it is one of the most beautiful and WEALTHIEST places in the world! But unfortunately some of us will never know and believe the worse.

    • Ohsnap Osei says:

      Thank you… sheesh her comments were super ignorant ?

    • Msdian100 says:

      @Ohsnap Osei Super ignorant, embarrassing and totally inappropriate. She really should take a trip there. That would totally open her mind and increase her appreciation for her people.

    • Abdufata Athens says:

      Thanks for this answer, they’all think about negativity, disaster, starvation, war and so on in Africa, before to judge let go check by yourself miss WENDY, instead to die IGNORANT.

    • Tawana Hawkins says:

      Wonderful World Horrified by that comment she made!!!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  5. Linda F says:

    Whoa Wendy… eating crickets?? I didn’t realize you were that ignorant. Guess you stay eating fried chicken right ? I mean ??? ??‍♀️

  6. Kandieapples305 says:

    Okay, so what was the point of bringing up The Real again?? ? can we all just grown and evolve??

  7. sem Mabena says:

    Wendy is very uncultured. The comment about crickets.

    • sem Mabena says:

      Javier Ruiz We do not eat Crickets here love. Lets be honest she only made that comment because she said Africa. She wouldn’t have said it if she’s visited Europe. if you’d like to know what we eat I can send you a list

    • sem Mabena says:

      Legna the Alien force I guess that makes both of us African. Sister these are same people who get offended when white people make jokes about chicken, water melon and “nappy hair” . Have some respect for yourself. Where in Africa are you from because they need to teach you self pride. There’s a difference between self respect and being offended. If Tamer had said she went to Europe, Wendy wouldn’t have made that comment. Like Akon said, let’s change how people market our content because its beautiful! I LoVE Wendy and she is NOT canceled nor was I offended.


      Legna the Alien force so since you’re “Born and Raised African” you don’t see the stereotypical ignorance that’s been endorsed in that comment…??

      So You prefer to take a seat,chill and take condescending jokes that wreak of ignorance…???

      Well…Great for you sis.✌???

    • MélissaEnvy says:

      Well we eat crickets in Congo and many other countries do too, but it’s not the only thing people eat so her ignorance is meh

  8. Carina Fine says:

    Did Tamar forget her dress backstage that looks ridiculous

  9. too sweet says:

    Take a shot everytime tamar say (here’s the thing) LOL

  10. Cassondra Octavia says:

    The Spanx is similar to the Fashion Nova Spandex outfits. Lol. Still she looked amazing.

  11. Tonia Ijeli says:

    Really Aunty Wendy!!! Nobody eats crickets in Nigeria or in Africa. Please curb your ignorance. #Disappointed #ProudNigerian!!!

  12. TarantulaCandy says:

    Tamar will forever be RATCHET no matter what “breakthrough” she has

  13. Bob Didlboc says:

    Logan is the embodiment of “you look just like yo damn daddy” ?

  14. James Brock says:

    She look a damn mess! Y’all lying saying she looks cute in those spandexes…

  15. Shey says:

    Tamar seems off like she is not 100% there. Walking out in spandex is not the business.

  16. Simply Delta says:

    My initial thoughts when she came out: ‘is that a girdle?’

  17. kim alonzo says:

    LORD! Please give Tamar a JOB so she can stop acting like a FOOL. She got a man and she still can’t act right!

  18. Melanin Mogul says:

    Fashionova sells colorful spanks and y’all call it cute so stop acting like Tamar is doing something so inappropriate

  19. ju mp says:

    I thought she was modelling Kim Kardashian’s new line of SKIMS

  20. Mondo Phakathi says:

    No Wendy, the ladies of The Real does not need her, she’s full of drama.

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