Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

Pre-order Taylor Swift’s new album, reputation, including “Call It What You Want,” here: http://smarturl.it/reputationTS


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20 Responses

  1. yomna khaled says:

    I take this song as a gift from you 😍 cuz my birthday in November

  2. wahyu ramadhani iskandar says:

    i dont wanna call u sorry

  3. Marla Janine says:

    This reminded me of the perfect lyric video by ed sheeran

  4. Monica Madlangbayan says:

    Who’s here before 1million views?😊

  5. simran sood says:

    Taylor Swift back with another hit 🔥🔥

  6. Yo_I_Got_A_Soul_Voice says:

    Here before a million views 🙂

  7. Harris Boy says:

    I love this, oh my queen 😍😍

  8. 김재현 says:

    I call it a masterpiece

  9. Cavin Nillo says:

    this song sounds different from the other

  10. Tania Sierra says:

    This might be my favorite song from her new CD so far. It’s so good. She’s back.

  11. Alisa Silvestre says:

    That was absolutely amazing! <3

  12. Вова Евсенков says:

    Thank you, Taylor!
    It my present for my birthday!

  13. Lenny Blyden says:

    Anybody know who the male voice is? Any theories? Am I the only that thinks it’s drake? 😅

  14. Sabeth Red says:

    I must say this song is one of my favorites. I love you Taylor 🙂

  15. Everett says:

    I love how this album is cohesive. Really didn’t expect such power from her. Even though she lacks some vocal power, she has the creativity and innovation. Much love!

  16. Starleo 789 says:

    Who is here before *1.000.000* views?

  17. Elisa B says:

    it’s amazing to see the evolution of her as an artist.. like remember when she used to sing country lol feels like soo long ago

  18. James Pachuau says:

    OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love tayloooorrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! yesssssss queeennnnn

  19. Merve Çavdarcı says:

    You aware so creative

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