Taylor Swift Exposed By Kim Kardashian On Snapchat!

Taylor Swift Exposed By Kim Kardashian On Snapchat!

Here are Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat videos – in full! – exposing Taylor Swift! Thoughts???? http://PerezHilton.com/TaylorSwift

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20 Responses

  1. Ozuare Umolu says:

    Thank God for memories

  2. terry styles says:

    That’s not taylor you idiots :/

  3. Lil Kay says:

    And this is what y’all worried about ? There’s more important things to be
    worried about smh

  4. Watermelóne says:

    Can someone explain what happened

  5. Vanessa Ramos says:

    Yooooooooooooooooooooo Taylor is SO FUCKING SHADY Like WTF?! Mind BLOWN. I
    believed her. Wtf?? ??

  6. Danelly Mani says:

    For all you little girls out there. The only thing this video proves is
    that Taylor loves to play the victim. This is not a good character trait to
    have. If she had just said that Kanye did in fact introduce her to a
    version of the lyrics but not the “bitch” part she would seem less
    serpentine; Although she never indicated that the bitch part was her
    biggest contention before today. She made Kanye seem like the biggest
    villain after telling him that she would inform the media that he at least
    did seek her approval. That is the big issue here, and no one would have
    known if not for Kim. Maybe this is all a big ruse for another video. And
    for all those who said there are bigger fish to fry, y’all don’t care when
    your favorites be posting the most absolute nonsense. Y’all be liking those
    “tweets” or “snaps” to kingdom come. In this case at least a truth is being
    exposed. Just because it’s not the truth you like means you can just suck
    it up or ignore it.

  7. Ken H says:

    And Perez is a no class fool for heading this with “Taylor Swift exposed by
    KK”. You know that isn’t true Perez, yet you still used it to grab
    attention, like an attention whore would. You and KK are idiots, as he
    never told her he would be calling her a bitch, or saying he made her
    famous. All know what a brainless idiot KK is, but you should’ve know
    better Perez….well I’m sure you did, but just wanted to play the
    attention whore like KK and K.

  8. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Kim is really that stupid that instead of a full length video she decided
    to snap chat? That believable but the vids aren’t

  9. FlyInTheFreedom33 says:

    Вот раздражают меня и Карандаш, и Срифт. Но Срифт ненавижу намного больше,
    чем Карандаша. Не понятно, откуда вылезла вообще, лживая уебанка. Гспд,
    бедный Хиддлстон, с кем связался-то? С известной шлюхой и мерзкой дрянью.
    Ну почему?

  10. Linh “'Directioner'” Linh says:

    kk and kw are the saddest fake ass scums ever.
    ts has been famous for her pure talent till now n how bout them?
    kk is a total slut, while ky makes shitty music. People bash her bc of
    these vids are must be fools
    taylor just wanted to have a nice friendly relationship and be supportive
    to kw bc he said that she was gonna love the song n she thought that it
    would be ok to trust him, he promised that he would play the song for her
    but he didn’t n HE EVEN RECORDED THE WHOLE CONVERSATION so that ppl would
    hate her
    they just wanted to gain attention, what a cheap n low trick smh

  11. domhull09 says:

    Taylor swift is fake as F…

  12. Cossette says:

    I knew this whole Taylor Swift hype would die down. Thank god people will
    stop screaming about her fucking magnificence now

  13. J0130 J says:

    But why didn’t Kanye mention “he made that bitch famous” on the phone?
    That’s a big part in the verse. And Taylor would not have agreed to the
    song if she heard that part in my opinion.

  14. dinh trang says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. West.
    U r fucking assholes. U r the reason why I hate the Black. U guys r a
    perfect couple.

  15. Jezz Ezz says:

    Why she makes a big deal of being called b!tch??? Tryna play innocent

  16. Arisha Tyagi says:

    They even cut some parts and then she wasn’t even sounding like Taylor at
    all! So #teamtaylor all the way!

  17. RealityCheck1993 says:

    Ooooh the tea is hot today.

  18. Maurice Rousseau says:

    D Angelo Russell like I no what ya thinking I was at practice

  19. John Musgrove says:

    Taylor Swift fans **Triggered**

  20. Abby says:

    Love how everyone compares Taylor Swift to a snake and Regina George? Like
    look at fucking the Kardashians, they’re so fucking terrible, why are they
    even fucking relevant? And Kanye is terrible. In my opinion, it sounds to
    me like Kanye is calling and being an asshole like “Hey, I’m gonna write
    this song about you whether you really want me to or not.” And Taylor
    sounds sarcastic like “Well, I appreciate you coming to me.” And what the
    fuck? He didn’t mention anything about her being a bitch or taking credit
    for her being famous? He’s so fucking annoying. All he said was that he
    wanted to sleep with her and she was kind of like “Uhh okay, I guess that’s
    a compliment?” Idk. The Kardashians are terrible. Kanye West is literally
    the worst. They get pissed off over one little thing and think they have
    the power to ruin somebody’s entire career? Like lol, get real. You’re
    dumb. Nobody is ruining TSwift’s career.