Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed By Ryan Adams

Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed By Ryan Adams

She dominated the pop charts with 1989. He covered her whole album. In this exclusive interview, the pop star and the indie rocker talk songwriting, Siri, and how Taylor got inspired by a dream about her ex
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Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed By Ryan Adams

Video by Sawhorse

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20 Responses

  1. McKenzie Stewart says:

    Queen of pop looks so good! ?

  2. Aurora Melody says:

    that hairflip though

  3. Okarus Alan Ana says:

    she’s getting older. I never thought this could happen.

  4. hollywood famouse says:

    QUEEN ❤ 

  5. Tomáš Bouzek says:

    Most smart Angel :-)

  6. Manon Cornet says:

    She didn’t have surgery on her nose, why do people say that ?

  7. Cam Bush says:

    I love Ryan Adams but these are two people that are hard to find likable.

  8. nybiggs says:

    When she was singing “stay” it becomes clear she doesn’t have the range to
    reach it.

  9. #1989WorldTourPH 2016 says:

    “She’s never there for us when we need her” Taylor Swift 2k15 on siri

  10. Melany S says:

    haters gonna hate. Taylor, you are beautiful and i love you.

  11. ItsGraceNotMary 0912 says:

    I love her!

  12. Kunal Chakrabarty says:

    anyone noticed the smartwatch on his hand?

  13. Kunal Chakrabarty says:

    anyone noticed the smartwatch on his hand?

  14. Grant Anusbigian says:

    Why isnt this like a half hour?

  15. Joshua Bare says:

    Taylor swift is beautiful.

  16. Abbie Carleton says:

    I love this so much!

  17. onelifelived says:

    Massively looking forward to the day she writes a song about something
    other than boys.

  18. Thrash n sesh says:

    this bitch has nightmares about her ex’s every single night cuz she got so

  19. Roy Fokker says:

    “when i was writing blank space” hahahh more like when Max Martin &
    Shellback was writing Blank Space right after listening to Chvrches Album

  20. Thaddeus Smarme says:


    Also, Taylor and Ryan adams look cute together. I ship them <3 .