Taylor Swift – Will You Be My Ring Dance Date?

Taylor Swift – Will You Be My Ring Dance Date?

Brett Hagen is a Cadet in the United States Air Force Academy (Located In Colorado Springs). Let’s help him get Taylor Swift as his Date For The 2016 USAFA Ring Dance!

Everyone can help by sharing on Taylor Swifts Social Media Pages Below:

Taylor Swift Twitter

Taylor Swift Facebook

Taylor Swift Instagram

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Produced by Sky Vision Studios
Filmed and Edited by Josh Zelcer and Misha Gosis

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20 Responses

  1. cupcakeloverlol says:

    This is officially stuck in my head 

  2. Matthew Torres says:

    I like it, it’s fun. If it results in anything that’s cool, if not it was
    still fun to watch! Why are people so presumptuous about why he did this
    though? I doubt he wants to guilt her or manipulate her especially if he’s
    a fan. Just seems like good fun :)

  3. Francis Capada says:

    Dream On

  4. thedynamitemaster says:


  5. Taylor Stokes says:

    +Taylor Swift 


    Hope she sees it. This is awesome 

  7. Gaming Git says:

    I really like it :)

  8. Alvie Rouf says:

    Good luck 

  9. Wiki Ch. says:

    Awesomeeeee! <3 I love it, SHARE!! :)

  10. Georgia Dela Cruz says:

    +Taylor Swift 

  11. Bryan Postel says:

    Good Luck Brett! Taylor seems really cool like that so I’m betting she’ll
    say yes.

  12. Hoota Reboota says:

    There’s 17,548 other guys and chicks all asking Taylor to various
    functions, the youngest is an 18 month old with gender dysphoria who just
    wants advice, and the oldest at 103 is Beryl… she’s wanting to teach
    Taylor how to be Genuinely Genuine. I strongly believe that most of these
    17,548 people have big egos, and, they just crave the limelight!!!

  13. Alejandra Samartín says:

    My new favourite video of the week

  14. St3althMast3rPro says:

    Good luck brother!

  15. Alyssa Johnson says:


  16. ScAr Chrome says:

    Lol we know each other through family

  17. mohammad ebrahimi says:

    i m just sorry

  18. Claire Danielson says:

    +Taylor Swift you got to check this guy out

  19. jeff4justice says:


  20. Casey Vincent Neddeau says:

    What a douche! Does not deserve to meet her!