Taylor vs. Treadmill

Taylor vs. Treadmill

Distractingly good. Apple Music.

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20 Responses

  1. CNSZU says:

    This was planned, the camera could not have followed the action so quickly
    without being prepared beforehand.

  2. Savon Warren says:

    This is what the world has come too? Taylor trying to rap jumpman?

  3. Itzel Hernandez says:

    I knew something was going to happen XD

  4. Bart J. Kruk says:

    the same thing happened to me only also I broke my nose

  5. SMIRKS says:

    Taylor is the GOAT

  6. Kevin Qué Bien says:


  7. SMIRKS says:

    That shit look like it hurt
    Poor Taylor

  8. Anthony Mendoza says:

    She thought about tapping black skinhead bet

  9. Sara Crosby says:

    Is it just me, or could anyone else see the stunt double switch?

  10. Dom's Sketch Cast says:

    It’s so weird that this exists

  11. ElliaPhant says:

    I originally saw this on Tumblr and I’m so glad to watch it. Thanks
    Swifties for letting me in on this.

  12. Youtube Channel says:

    I cringed so hard watching this

  13. Samantha LaPorta says:

    OMGosh OUCH!!! …disclamer no humans were injured or harmed in the making
    of this video ( we hope not anyway) Very Funny Tay xoxo Samantha

  14. Reza Dizaji says:

    This was awesome. ?❤️

  15. Willian Mendonça says:

    Lol! ?? Amazing!! ❤❤

  16. 5555144 says:

    That fall must really hurt.

  17. Pro Habits says:

    SHAWTY From “Attack On Titan’s”

  18. gr4p3r!n0 says:


  19. John Pinkston says:

    no pls

  20. Allen Mosaisi says:

    Why did they blure out talaban lol