Team Troydan vs Team Cash – NBA 2K20 Youtuber Team up

Team Troydan vs Team Cash – NBA 2K20 Youtuber Team up

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66 Responses

  1. AppleTopGaming says:

    LOS was selling

  2. bbc says:

    Los do be selling though 😳

  3. T H E B O X says:

    Los Chokes harder than lana Rhodes

  4. Scott Louie says:

    Flight on curry would’ve won

  5. Nsnskk Jskkddksk says:

    Los was killing ur team

  6. Osborn says:

    Los is so bad I’d rather play with flights real life skills

  7. Landen Sterner says:

    Los had 6 turnovers without even touching the ball 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  8. sam k says:

    Dude I love how TroyDan convinced Los to play Kawhi cuz he cant do anything else, but he still ends up selling LMAOO

  9. J Ambition says:

    This is why Los was picked last 😂😂😂

  10. Kami_RK says:

    Los was ass he averaged 10 TO a game and scored like 2 every game and he was complaining that he was ass …..invite Flight ……….Plz

  11. Toxic Gaming says:

    And people were laughing at me when I said I’d rather pick Flight than Los

  12. J.D. says:

    Take a shot every time you hear “I got stuck in an animation”.

  13. Hey You says:

    Let’s be real if cash had los they would have lost

  14. Joshua Johnson says:

    “ *Imma have a field day with Kenny* “

    -Egghead Troydan

  15. Buzz Woody says:

    Jesus Christ there are so may Los was selling comments😭

  16. Walker Williamson says:

    “I ain’t gonna lie” was said about 50 times this video

  17. Jaden Edwards says:

    Troydan high-key look like Dr. Eggman wit his fit

  18. YFA Nate says:

    Damn we could’ve heard “iRiSh spRInG riNG riNG” but hey at least Los scored

  19. Matty Ice says:

    All i heard “board up” “not gonna lie” “WE OUT WE OUT” “im stuck in an animation” “wtf was that” “they cannot shoot” “BLOCK THAT”

  20. One Pond Fish says:

    “You can’t pass that.” Los after he tries to throw a Hail Mary pass from Texas to Iraq and fails

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