Team Up to Battle in Pokémon UNITE!

Team Up to Battle in Pokémon UNITE!

You may think you know Pokémon……but you’ve never seen a battle like this!

Experience exciting 5-on-5 matches in Pokémon UNITE, a new strategic team battle game in development for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices!.

Here’s your first look at some gameplay footage. Leave a comment below if you’re ready to UNITE!

Official site:

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75 Responses

  1. Quils says:

    We have Pokémon XD. Pokémon LoL was inevitable.

  2. Papa Wuise says:

    This was the “big announcement” we waited a week for?

  3. Rogue Gen says:

    Pokemon company: Unite!
    Players: wtf
    Pokemon company: we’ve miscalculated time to double down!

  4. Brandon D says:

    If everyone is united in hating something, does that “bring us together”? Guess so

    • Jase Mizu/Malachi says:

      This is Sw/Sh all over again but I don’t think that many people will end up liking it this time

    • Luck Zero says:

      “Everyone”… lol. I don’t hate this, I’m glad they’re getting into different genres, while still working on the rpg genre for mainline games. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they’re wrong and extremely negative.

    • M3W2 says:

      @Luck Zero 100% with you there.

    • The World of Alejandro and Ray says:

      @Jase Mizu/Malachi sword and shield is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than this piece of crap

    • The World of Alejandro and Ray says:

      @Luck Zero i would play this but Tencent is involved and I aint gonna be stalked by Chinese government

  5. Rares Mirica says:

    We could have got:
    -Diamond and Pearl remakes
    -Let’s go johto
    -Info on Crown tundra
    But we got just a mobile game that will take our personal Information and probably full of micro transmitaction

  6. Fai Mynth says:

    Pokemon Unite: Can i borrow your homework?
    League of legends: oh yah just be sure to change a few things

  7. Heinz Big Juicy Wanng says:

    Tencent: Look Everyone Pokémon Unite
    Everyone: Is this an out of season April Fools Joke?

  8. HeavenlyFrost says:

    I’m guessing “Gen 4 remakes” sounds a lot like “League of Legends but with Pokémon”

  9. Pikablock - Gaming says:

    To them they think we see these nostalgic trailers as

    “Those were the good old days! I can’t wait for what’s next!”

    But instead most people see it as

    “Those were the good old days! Look how they *massacred* by boi.”

  10. WakkaSeta says:

    So how many microtransactions is this going to have, considering it’s contaminated by Tencent?

  11. heyb0o0o0o0o0o0osS says:


    For real though why does this sound like the most EA thing in the world.

    • Marcus Lewis says:

      Iwata came up with the term because he thought “Free To Play” was a bit dishonest.

    • Josué Menjivar says:

      Exactly my thoughts, in fact, that phrase alone killed my desire to play it

    • Shiny Naganadel! says:

      I don’t even have a switch and I would not like to play it..

    • Typhlosion Master says:

      Ever since we lost the national dex I’ve been saying Game Freak has adopted the EA business model.

    • Austin Obst says:

      @Typhlosion Master well gamefreak is only a small part of the monster that is the pokemon company. Gamefreak just doesn’t have the talent or budget that it used to.

  12. Chronos says:

    When I saw tencent Games at the end that is the time I realized why this game happens haha

  13. nickaugie says:

    And Tencent is involved. Get ready for a stupid amount of pay to win and in-app purchases.

    • Yukki Shyro says:

      @Fruit Rings No Riot is owned by Tencent, and it’s still Riot who manages league(NA,EU,KR,CN and other regions) in every way, balancing, the skins, how people buy them. League in SEA server however, which is run by Garena runs the same way Tencent does to it’s mobile games when it comes to buying and the client, so no, this pokemon has huge reason to be a shitty gambling addiction machine masked as an even shittier mobile game just like all the other copies that Tencent has made with numerous MOBAs.

    • Hellsong89 says:

      @Fruit Rings Its Tencents….Didnt they just implement “anti-cheat” into LoL that gives Riot total Kernel level control of your machine? And cause Tencents is Chinese company they are by (Chinese) law required to report all important statics, personal information and compromising data to their intelligence service and hence to Communist Party…. soo if your parents or you happen to work in any interesting area what so ever, defense, security, political, research (specially military), production, manufacturing or say local power, water, communication company, they can take control over your device, infect your home router and trough that infect your parents devices. From there they can ether find blackmailing material to get them to work for CCP, or simply allows access to their work related systems and enable infiltration to company systems trough that path of a attack and voilá CCP can remotely steal all related research, shut down and cause havoc to power, water and communication systems and in worst case scenario run your countries nuclear powerplants to go critical. We know they are already stealing research data and probably have some facilities infiltrated remotely, when they start cutting power or sabotaging systems is the question.
      “Bu bu but no one can do that” Ou really? Tell that to couple Russian hackers who infiltrated American power plants including nuclear 2018 to prove they could.
      Yeah fuck Tencent, fuck riot and fuck CCP. Also dont let your kids play their games, cause that is real security risk.

    • samuricex says:

      People saying “hurr, durr they own League so…” need to look at Tencent’s history. Tencent built itself up to a massive company from a bunch of P2W games. League is an exception for them because they allowed Riot to run mostly autonomously.

    • Jesus Ramirez Romo says:

      @Stylesheet RA League is a PC game, and was bougth by tencent, not made by them
      Their mobile games are pay to win

    • Dhruv Verma says:

      @Jesus Ramirez Romo Arena of Valor is owned by Tencent and you only pay for skins.

  14. Shaun Brotherston says:

    This was so cheap, they pulled some bullshit on us with that opener 😂 gotta laugh honestly 😂😂

  15. Queen Kittii says:

    It feels like theyre relying too much on nostalgia rather than actual quality games lately- like that montage of old games in the beginning was not needed at all to present some mobile game which concept isnt even original…

    • GGW says:

      Been doing this since Fire Red and Leaf Green. Shocker, only so many things you can do before your trading monster game become dull and boring even if you fill it with freaky Japanese gimmicks.

    • Jesus Ramirez Romo says:

      @GGW They could try to actually inovate…. make a true open world, real time action battle system, with multiple regions, and a completley new progression system

  16. Dino Celahmetovic says:

    Tencent is a company that literally is more greedy than EA and supports a totalitarian government in China, outs you and bans you as they are against basic human rights freedoms and free speech. They openly support police brutality and have a monopoly on the games industry in China. And all they do is make clones of other games with minor differences.

  17. Fanmade Endings says:

    Honestly, if they just put this in the presents last week, and revealed Snap today, everything would’ve been fine…

  18. KinoŁowca says:

    “It looks meh but I think I’ll give it a try…”
    *sees Tencent*

  19. TheKingRiku says:

    “Free to start”
    How can something sound WORSE than free to play?

    • Internetpurge says:


    • matmats1312 says:

      It made me think that after the beta the game wont be free anymore, or maybe every other pokemon playable will have to be payed :v

    • Elden Vedetta says:

      HAHAHA OMG wait seriously? I can’t even take the time to watch the whole thing, did they actually say free to start? XD At least that’s HONESTLY what “Free To Play” games are, but damn, to just say it. Hahahaha I hope this fails worse than Fallout 76 but I don’t think it will sadly.

  20. RazorMarioGaming YT says:

    Oh gosh… not Tencent… anything but Tencent! They should have worked with a different company than Tencent!!! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS GAME WOULD BE BAD!! I THOUGHT THIS GAME WOULD BE GOOD BUT I WAS WRONG!! WHY DID THEY INVOLVE TENCENT GAMES INTO THIS!! This Pokémon MOBA game will be full of microtransactions like other popular mobile games

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