Teen dressed as clown has some Carroll University students frightened

Teen dressed as clown has some Carroll University students frightened

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17 Responses

  1. Allan Jose says:


  2. thewewguy8t88 says:

    that was what i was thinking like halloween is done lol.

  3. PVPGaming says:

    If I saw this dude in my front yard I’d get my bat and chase this dude
    until he’s far away.

  4. MartinMouseBrave says:

    Idiots. The ones whining about a clown are the truly “developmentally
    delayed” in this story.

  5. kramcas2 says:

    College students are afraid of their own shadow these days.

  6. Michael Carroll says:

    Troll Level: Expert

  7. JenniferTheStrange says:

    Was it part of a prank?
    Also, a lot of killers and rapists are ‘developmentally delayed’ which is
    probably why the media has been blowing this up and making people worried.
    I mean, no normal person just dresses up as a clown and stands around at a

  8. Micah Paape says:

    Do these university adults need their “safe spaces” to hide? I clapped and
    cheered each time I saw him outside standing by the side of the road
    dancing for the cars driving by. Glad the cops acted sensibly.

  9. Obi- Juan Kentucky says:

    Homie the clown don’t play that!!!

  10. dtheoblove says:

    But all of those girls on campus are dressed in their costumes, North Face
    jacket, tights and Ugg boots, let the man live.

  11. th3spy says:

    “Developmentally delayed” ahahahaha. Something tells me he’s just trolling
    everyone, even police.

  12. Steven Leo says:

    from 40-45 seconds he definitely picks a weggie.lol

  13. NiftyTan says:

    HAHAHAHA that teen is a savage for sure !

  14. AIRburst95 says:

    “developmentally delayed” dude…

  15. ___ says:

    Next time on abc news 12 … 27 University students dead by a gunmen

  16. Arthur McFall says:

    She had on more makeup than the clown..

  17. ImSofaKingGood says:

    lol troll clown