Teens React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge

Teens React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge

Try not to look back challenge played by Teens. Original links below.
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Teens take on the try not to look back challenge. Watch to see their reactions.

Content featured:
House made of popsicle sticks

BABY DRIVER – 6-Minute Opening Clip

Journey To Standing Double Backflip

Lip Sync Battle – Tom Holland

3M Quick Clean Griddle Kit

Crumbs! – Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 1 – FULL EPISODE
Simple Mini Sugar Doughnut Balls

Whale jumps out of nowhere during sight seeing tour.

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Teens featured:
Dash, age 14
Morgan A., age 15
John, age 16
Becca, age 17
Jair, age 17
Jeremiah, age 17

Kenneth, age 18
Nia, age 18
Will, age 18
Zaria, age 18

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Teens React #219 – Teens React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge

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30 Responses

  1. Jahshae Johnson says:

    I would never turn my back on Tom Holland…..tommy boy

  2. Alexius Delapuente says:

    Dash is one of those kids that ruins house party’s by calling the police

  3. Beatriz Zacharias says:

    This Dash kid is souless, for real.

  4. yo adrienne says:

    They should do this with partners so there is a little more pressure if one decides to watch the video and the other has to listen to the other person be amazed lol

  5. kiyokochanable says:

    .Dash honey, sweetheart.. Who hurt you?.

  6. Reneé Evelyn says:

    Dash is literally a 90 year old man. 😂

  7. Hydrate Plays says:

    Remember Dash from the Incredibles?

    This is him now.

    Feel old yet?

  8. Mahmoud A. says:

    Dash must be fun at parties.

  9. AmberOfAwesome says:

    Dash is funny as hell put him in abunch more plz and thanks

  10. Abby Michele says:

    “he washed a grill…. oooOOoo”

  11. Savannah Criado says:

    This might be a weird idea but they should do two people at a time so that if one turns around they can hear their reaction to the video which might make the urge to turn around greater.

  12. cristian poupart says:

    Damn what side of the bed did dash wake from?

  13. see you in court says:

    dash is probably so fun at parties

  14. Kye Bloom says:

    Dash is so cynical, I love it.

  15. Lord Snow says:

    Dash my boy, who hurt you

  16. Sam Marquez says:

    Dash is the best person, loving his pessimistic personality.

  17. Lucia Costa says:

    Dash is all of us

  18. Yiannis Xen says:

    Dash knows he’s just gonna wait a while and watch this video back so he doesn’t lose anything.

  19. Forever Gomez says:

    Tom Holland❤️

  20. Selena Taylor says:

    dash is at that age where he hates everything and everyone

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