Tekashi 6ix9ine Spills Info On Former Crew, Outs Trippie Redd During Trial

Tekashi 6ix9ine Spills Info On Former Crew, Outs Trippie Redd During Trial

Tekashi 6ix9ine first day of testimony (00:10)

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Spills Info On Former Crew, Outs Trippie Redd During Trial

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81 Responses

  1. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:

    FULL STORY ► https://ihr.fm/2lTaMNb

  2. Ken Anderson says:

    “People who are ab that life snitch. What you think he gon do?” YOOO I YELLED ?

  3. Ian Westart on IG says:

    Cthagod: “im not surprised”

    Envy: “…..but are you SURPRISED tho?”

  4. Lil Donatello says:

    Who still hasn’t ate Popeyes chicken sandwich yet?

  5. jcallwood25 says:

    Angela hates when they add their two cents in HER rumor report. ?? Chill Angie. They’re making it more spicy. LOL.

  6. Cpx3 says:

    Judge: How many people are you willing to tell on today ?

    69: Yes.

  7. Jason Huckaby says:

    Dude ain’t got any talent. Looking like Justin Bieber. Trying to be hard.

  8. taiwan white says:

    This is what you get when you allow someone to join your gang by making records.

  9. Jaime Webb says:

    “90% of people apart of that life snitch… so why are we surprised” #FACTS

    • Marcus Shelby says:

      @RedPunch Man Underground legend rapper X-raided was released from prison last year in September. He did 26 years for a murder back in 1992 but he released over 15 albums during hi incarceration. So he handle it like a G.

    • Thad Lu says:

      @RAIDER GAINZ boy he is done

    • Marcus Shelby says:

      . what happened to real rap. It use to be about real life but these days there’s no storytelling no more cause the industry has changed since the year 2000.

    • Gr Ape says:

      #fuckthat. 90% of yo people snitch we aligned here.

    • RedPunch Man says:

      @RAIDER GAINZ if they snitched then they get less time while thier friends do more time for a crime they conspired,nobody wants to live as a rat only a idiot would want that.maybe if Danielle Hernandez waant trying to act like a fucking gangster he wouldnt have to worry about thst now would he?

  10. Shawn Smith says:

    I wasn’t born wit a silver spoon in my mouth..miss Hawkins!~ Nino Brown

  11. Jerry Loya says:

    Tekashi: Test my gangsta STOOPID.

    Feds: k

    Tekashi’s street cred: iight imma head out.

  12. Avid Boxing Fan says:

    Uncle Charla called it… “Lets see if you’ll be around in a year.”

  13. Abuhay Gola says:

    Trippie redd: hahaha you going to jail
    6ixni9: you coming with me stooopid

  14. Your Source TV says:

    Charlemagne: It’ll be dope if he put out an R&B album since he’s singing.

  15. Swaggy McSwaggerton says:

    Situations like this make me wonder why anyone still gangbangs.

  16. Javierjr201 YT says:

    69 should move out to Area 51 for his safety.

  17. HBK Jaylen says:

    *Did 69 tell on you? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z*


    test my gangster: full on snitch. ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  19. King Haki says:

    He should become an actor. No joke, he’d probably make it too.

  20. LeClerc Darmand says:

    Charlemagne: listen I don’t feel sorry for him niggaz make choices???????

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